Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bang - it's 2008!

So, unfortunately… they did let me back in the country. I honestly could have stayed in Mexico for a few more weeks. The trip to Ricon de Guyabitos (just north of Puerto Vallarta) was amazing. Hung out with the family, ate enchiladas and chips, ran, soaked up some rays, read some good books, shopped for Mexican souvenirs, saw the country side (very mountainous out there)… The trip resulted in some good stories. Soon, I’ll post a few things I wrote while there (along with vacation pictures… Dad, please fwd).

2008 is underway… and it’s off to a good start. I did make a few New Years Resolutions. The 1st being to invest time, money, and love into fixing up the house! I’ve got a guy coming to work on the roof this weekend! The living room is also coming together nicely, as I added two new chairs, a lamp, a new rug, some throw pillows… no longer will I be forcing all my guests to share couch space (the only piece of furniture in my living room for the past year). After the roof problem is resolved, I’m moving on to the kitchen. Here I need new floor, counter tops, cabinets… might knock out a wall and extend the counter… new dishwasher and sink… alright, I’ve just listed a complete overhaul. Next on the list I’ll tackle the bathrooms. Then on to paint and window treatments. And then it will be 2010!

Quick football note: GO DAWGS! (sorry Bree) The UGA Bulldogs whomped up on some Hawaii Warriors (I do miss the Rainbows!). Also, congrats to Auburn (Sarah) and Missouri (Dad). The entire family celebrated bowl victories. Mom, when is Converse going to get a football team ;)

Watching the Clemson/AU game was how I brought in the New Year. On January 1st, I woke up to chilly/windy conditions and decided to kick it off right with a 65 mile group ride. HA! Carolina Triathlon had organized a ride… two groups (A & B) leaving the store at 10:00. So, I left with the A’s and forced myself to hang until about mile 20. About 8 of us fell back and battled the wind together for the rest of the 45 uncomfortable miles. It was windy, it felt like 100 miles, and had I known a shortcut… I would have been all over it! But, we finished… then, I got to see the Dawgs win. Not a bad 1st day of the year.

Next on the agenda is a ½ marathon in Auburn with sister Sarah! I’m also thinking about going to Charlotte for a Masters Swim Meet on Jan 26/27! It’s no secret that swimming and I don’t get along… but, I do like swim meets, huh?

But first, it’s a Friday celebration (do we need any other reason?!) at Vino 100. Making it through this week at work (even thought it was short) is definitely grounds for a toast.

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Sally said...

Great plan for the house. Send us some before, during and after pictures so we can follow the project. I can't wait to see your living room furniture. love you Mom. ps - the best part of the holidays was being together !!!