Tuesday, January 22, 2008

she says it best

This was recently posted on the AORTA homepage... I thought it best you hear more about the race conditions, from someone other than myself. I'll be working on the RR tonight.
- Heather May, #1 OA... and Olympic Hopeful (wow!)
- 1st place male went a 1:31
- So, I'm happy with 2nd female, 10th OA, finishing, and posting a 1:35

...we miraculously pulled off the Auburn Classic Half Marathon last weekend under a pouring rain with temperatures maxing out around 37. Do you know what happens when it's cold and then you get drenched? Yep, you think you are going to die! Luckily, we only had a couple of runners drop out due to the cold which was much better than I had expected. Tracey did her typical superb job of keeping things on track under terrible conditions and in spite of the rain we ended up with over 140 runners passing through the finish line. For the first time that I can ever remember we had a female as the overall winner but it wasn't a surprise. Olympic hopeful Heather May finished in 1:25 while Andy Taylor came in with 1:31. I was pretty amazed at how well everyone did under such terrible conditions.

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Sally said...

Terrible conditions and Terrific Finishers! Hats off to all participants, race coordinators and those unbelievable volunteers. Hugs to you Ashley and Sarah and Vaughn - the best family and supporters out there. xoxxoxo, Mom