Thursday, January 10, 2008

it doesn't suck

It rained all night.... something this area needs! We've been in drought status for what seems like ages. Every time I drive over a bridge, and see piers & decks standing on dry land... I'm reminded of our desperate need for the H2O. Which somehow makes me think about my own "water level." And, that I'm probably dehydrated too... since it is wintertime, and you don't feel an urgent need to consume fluids during/after training. And, now I'm rambling about my thought process.

So, when my alarm went off at 4:50 - I actually didn't mind getting out of bed for swim practice. Jumping into the pool sounded a bit more inviting than running in chilly rain.

That's when it HIT me! It was Raining... NOT snowing! Awesome! While getting my swim bag together, I thought about all those early mornings in Illinois. The wind blowing so hard, you could feel it whip through the walls; snow covering everything in sight; the cold biting any bit of exposed skin as you dart from house to car. Having to bundle up in multiple layers, coat, scarf, hat, gloves, boots... only to find out that your car locks are frozen. Oooo, bad memories.

Although it was VERY early in the morning, and I was getting ready for a swim workout (he he, not my favorite), I felt lucky. All I had to put on over my suit was a zip up fleece and sweat pants. I wore crocs with no socks. Left my house in the dark and didn't feel a sting from cold. There was no need to start my car and let it run to warm up.

I had a great workout! (maybe the result of starting w/ a positive attitude?!) Fun times in the lane with Robin and her parachute... LOL.

And I left the pool with a smile on my face. My hair was wet, but it didn't freeze into icicles on my walk to the car; I'd accomplished a solid workout; there was time to prepare an actual breakfast before work; and tomorrow is Friday!

Did I mention that I love South Carolina?! Maybe someday I'll love swimming too, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

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Sally said...

Honey, your need for warmth is genuine. Remember you were born in the warm, sweet airs of the Philippines. And of course you love South Carolina - it's wonderful. with love from your warm blooded mom.

**** Thank you for the picture of us Long ladies ! I love it.