Friday, December 21, 2007

Peace, I'm Out

See, even Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus knew where to Celebrate Christmas... under a nice, big Palm Tree! Doesn't that donkey just scream: Mexico?! Hola sand, I'm on my way.
This will be my last entry in 2007, so I wanted to post some Christmas well-wishes:
Mom, Dad, and Sarah - Is someone bringing sunblock? And... yes, Dad... I've got my passport. Love you all, see you tomorrow!
Grandma Jo - Merry Christmas!!! I miss seeing you over the Holidays, but as a fellow beach bum... I know you understand ;) LOVE XXOOO
DCAM Long - Great Card and update. Thanks! Have a great Christmas week. Sorry I missed the trip to Peoria. I love you all!
Noel - Hanging out with you last night was a wonderful Christmas surprise! Thanks so much for coming over, wine and goldfish crackers in tote, to sit and chat with me while I packed. How about you move back to SC?!
Harrison Household - Aloha and Mahalo for the Christmas card... M&G look so grown up. Have a wonderful week together - and don't forget to remove sharp objects from the kid's stockings ;)
Peter - Have a great Christmas, I'll try to send some sunshine from the beach.
Kolb Clan - Enjoy the Holidays! Grace, is there anything left of your gingerbread house?
Robin & Keith - Maybe y'all can celebrate the day with some sandwiches... what's up with you and those sandwiches? ha ha ha
Jennifer & Galen - Happy 1st Christmas of marital bliss.
Casten's (aka Lindsay Gibson and family) - I LOVED the Christmas Card... could Ava be any cuter? I don't think so. The "hair" bow on her little peach fuzz head, priceless! Merry Christmas to you, pass my greetings on the the rest of the Gibson Group.
Leah & Bradley - Another couple who tied the knot in '07... Merry Christmas! Hi to the Pilgrim's for me! Love to all.
Connie and Neil - I'm on a roll with the '07 marriages... Have a great Holiday Week! I don't know where you'll celebrate, but it doesn't matter, I know you're just happy to be together.
Kathy & Dan - I was so excited to get your Christmas card, Sammy looks very cute. Enjoy your time away from T... uh, I mean Power Wellness ;)
T & Michele - Merry Christmas... don't be a Scrooge, T! Oh, seriously I miss the sisterhood.
Austin's - Abby: Christmas Handshake! You are beautiful... thanks for the Christmas card. Your gorgeous smile brought tears to my eyes. Merry Christmas.
Sara and her party-goers - Did everyone recover from the best party of '07?! Thanks again Sara! Kate, Hans, Caroline, Cindy, Brooke, Kenneth, Russell, Trip, Emily, Mike... it was great to see y'all there. Happy Holidays to everyone!
My triathlon friends - Get some rest, eat some naughty foods, have a drink... We'll work it off in '08! I've really enjoyed keeping in touch with all of you, meeting you via blogs, and seeing you at races and in training. I look forward to making many more new friends in the coming year. Happy Holidays to Marit, Elizabeth, Alicia, Amy, Theresa, Sheila, Mary, Frank, Gabriela, Jirka, Danny, Kelly, Katie, Kimberley, Gail, Dean, Jeremey, Brad, Tracy, Bri, Bree, Jenni...
*ps... here's an email I just received from my Dad. AND fyi, he had NOT read the blog yet. Do I know my family or what?!
"Hope you are having fun on your last work day of the year. Can't wait to see you tomorrow in Dallas. Love you and do not forget your passport. And the sunscreen. Hugs and kisses, Dad"


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Happy Holiday's Right Back Atcha! Enjoy your trip, get a tan, and drink lots and lots of spiked egg-nog (or any other triopical drink that contains the good stuff!) Thanks for being my blog buddy - you are such an inspiration! Cheers for another great year in 2008!

Sally said...

Ashley, we have the sunscreen and the Christmas hugs waiting to see you.

All the best to everyone. God bless and keep you safe in the coming year.

With love,

Sally ... Mom

Anonymous said...

MERRY MERRY!!!!! Hugs to the Long family! Enjoy Mexico. We'll be well, here in SUNSHINEY ILLINOIS. xoxoxoxo Jenny :)

Connie Sullivan said...

Hey Ashley, enjoy your trip to Mexico. We had a great Christmas and the party is Neil's birthday and of course I am being dragged out into the thin air and snow for a life threatening hike in the Rocky Mtns. I hope 2008 brings you a lot of fun and happiness. Love ya! Connie

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hi Ashley! Welcome back - hope that you had a GREAT time - lucky you... you've probably got a tan and everything! Just got your question about Gulf Coast - no, I'm not racing it next year. It was either that or Disney 70.3 - and I don't have any other 70.3 races on the schedule (I want to qualify for Clearwater again), so I opted for Orlando. I had a blast at GCT - very very very hot, though. Last year the temp was in the mid 90s and very high humidity at the end. I know what you mean about wanting a friend to be there at the race: it totally makes it a better experience. Nothing like going to a race and knowing absoluteley nobody. But I'll ask around down here and see if anyone that I know is doing it... I know that Mary Eggers ( is doing the race... hope this helps.

Leah said...

Hope you had a wonderful time and a Happy New Year. Email/call me soon!!!

BreeWee said...

Are you still in Mexico!? Hey, I would have loved to invite you over to watch the game with would have been hysterical to have you mixed in with all the Warrior fans!