Friday, January 18, 2008

Longs Everywhere

Our Mexico trip must have worn off, the travel bug seems to be going around the family… this weekend we’re all jetting off to separate locations.

After work, I’m getting in the car and driving to LA (ha ha, Lower Alabama). A quick weekend visit with my sister combined with the AORTA ½ Marathon. I ran this race last year – and after fighting a mad headwind, while running uphill, from mile 10 to 12.5… I never thought I’d do it again. But, I’m excited about spending some time with Sarah… the race is just one more reason to go (and who can pass up a long sleeve under-armor race t’shirt?!). The forecast is calling for cold and “extreme winds” tomorrow morning, and I don’t think that long hill has gone anywhere, so this could be 2007 revisited. Bring it on! I am from Illinois, right? Shouldn’t I be used to cold and windy conditions?!

Also on the roadways, we have Sally driving from IL to SC. Now that she’s retired, her attitude seems to revolve around freedom – and it should! It becomes her: do anything, anytime, anywhere… there are no restraints! So, she decided to throw her bike in the car and come on down. Love it! I think her priority is to see her mother, aunt, and uncle. I’ll be back in town on Sunday, with Monday off (go MLK). I think we’ll try to get a ride in at some point.

Doug is traveling the furthest – and is therefore going via plane. I must say his destination might be the winner: Briny Breezes, FL (just south of W. Palm Beach). He’ll be with his mother, Grandma Jo (XO, love you!). Being the good son he is, I’m sure he’ll be helping out with minor repairs and such. I also heard that Grandma was making homemade chocolate chip cookies. Wow, that sounds a bit better than running 13.1 miles on a windy/hilly/chilly course.

Sarah: please stay where you are, because I’ll be on my way here shortly. Can’t wait to see you – get your pom poms ready, I’ll need your support tomorrow morning.


BreeWee said...

Go get em'! Rooting for you in your half marathon! Embrace the wind, love the cold...(just pretend you are in warm old Mexico still). Have so much fun!

MrsPiggy549 said...

Good luck with the race. If I'm at Briny, on Sunday, will Grandma give me some cookies, too???

Madison (woof!) Kline
Briny Breezes, FL