Thursday, January 17, 2008


We've been hearing about Winter Weather all week... yesterday, South Carolinians rushed to the store to stock up on bread and milk (something that still confuses me?!). The news reported school closings, business closings, dangerous conditions... seriously, they called it a storm. Well, if last night's snow was a storm... what would they call it if we got over an inch?

I woke up at 4:30 to assess the situation - wondering if swim practice would be canceled? Here's what I've learned: if you can see a flake of snow, everything is closed & you won't be able to find a loaf of bread anywhere. Not that I'd go shopping for bread if I thought I might be stranded at my house for days. Hey, my stash of Clif Bars would go to good use!

So, I crawled back under the covers. As I drifted off... I had to chuckle. My friends in Illinois would call this a "dusting," and here we are acting like a blizzard tackled G'vegas. Not to worry, all is well. And, my office opened an hour late ;) Below are some pictures people sent in to the news:

ps: the caption for this one read... "a driver braves the harsh conditions on Woodruff Rd."


Pedergraham said...

My husband was in Charlotte, NC, yesterday and US Airways was trying to get everyone out early...he was so confused b/c he had a 4:00 flight and it wasn't supposed to start snowing until after midnight. He is there often and yesterday was the only time I've let him tell me about the weather while he is down there--otherwise it is always 30 degrees colder and rainier here and he is not allowed to gloat!!! I am glad that you have had rain, too, recently. What a long drout you've all had.

Train-This said...

Oh my GOD! I had better not be coming down to see THIS!

:-) mary! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Plleeeze. HAHAHA....that is our daily life x 1000.
Ok, get rid of that junk before 2/28!!!!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

What the heck? Your COLD WEATHER is getting sent to Florida! It was 38 degrees this morning! Ha ha. Okay - before I get a lot of cold stares sent my way - let me say that I know exactly what you mean. When we lived in NC and the "threat" of snow or ice or slush was even whispered, school was called out early, buisnesses were closed, and people were warned of the "dangerous" conditions. Before it even started precipitating. It's totally rediculous! Growing up in MN and WI, what a JOKE! Laughing matter aside, I'll bring as much "Florida" warmth as I can. But I'm not promising a rose garden! :). Enjoy the white stuff!