Monday, January 7, 2008

Mexican Adventure

*This was written at some point during the trip:

After way too many hours waiting at the airport...
*My flights had arrived on schedule... unfortunately, my family was flying out of Chicago. And you know how flights from ORD in December can see delays ;). Basically, I had to entertain myself at the Guadalajara airport for 7 HOURS!
....and a coma-like night of sleep, we stuffed ourselves and luggage in to the Ford Fiesta and took off – Westbound.

Driving around Guadalajara was surprisingly easy… very well marked interstate system. Once we got out of the city, I was amazed. The countryside was beautiful and I could see the mountains rising in the distance.

That’s when I heard my dad say, “we’re about to pass Tequila.”
“Tequila… as in Tequila, Mexico. The town. It’s where they grow agave.”
Oh, YES… we must stop. When you’re on a road trip through Mexico, and you’re going to pass Tequila… you must at least stop.

So, we exit the highway and hang a left into Tequila. Immediately, we’re driving behind a ginormous tequila barrel on wheels… carting people through town and offering free shots. I began looking for the oversized lime.

We found a parking spot, and then Tequila found 4 Long members (sporting a nice shade of winter white) roaming the streets. All of us were hungry and ready for lunch. I kid you not, we stopped at a restaurant… and before we even ordered (like some restaurants might bring bread to the table)… this place brought margaritas. Ye-Haw.

The food was excellent as well (but, come to think of it… after 2 Clif bars, a mocha drink from D’Donuts, and a tea from Starbucks… I hadn’t eaten real food in about 24 hrs). AND after lunch was cleared, they brought shots of tequila. Various flavors we were to sample. Well, they do live up to their name.

Back to the car and onto the highway. The remainder of the trip (which started to feel too long in the Fiesta) was very scenic. I’ve never thought of Mexico as mountainous… but it is! After seeing gorgeous landscape views, many toll stops, and even a few Mexican cyclists… we reached our final destination: Rincon de Guyabitos.

Now, let me tell you… this is NO Cancun. Rincon de Guyabitos is where Mexicans vacation. Caucasians, or Americans in general, are few and far between here in Guyabitos.

I must take a second to thank my parents. They’ve really made my sister and I versatile travelers. From five star hotels and resorts, to cockroach motels in Tennessee, to riverside tents in Missouri, to sleeping in our van somewhere in Kentucky (no vacancy anywhere), to beachfront condos in Rincon de Guyabitos or Zihuatnejo… we stayed in ‘em all. I’ve grown to love the diversity and adventure traveling can offer.

The condos Buena Vista were perfect accommodations. Two bedroom, two bath, living room, kitchen, and washer/dryer… nice patio right by the pool – overlooking the ocean. I listened to the waves all night.

Our days quickly fell into routine. Sleep until you wake up (around 8:00 am), drink coffee (outside), read a bit, change into running clothes…
*The area was experiencing much cooler weather than normal for this time of year. As our family was expecting mid 80’s… it was actually chilly at night and the highs during the day were in the 70’s (maybe 80’s in the sun). This isn’t great beach weather, but it was wonderful for running. Most mornings Sarah and Mom would run together, I’d go solo, and Dad would walk the beach (and buy fresh shrimp for lunch).
The rest of the afternoon was all about some laziness. Nap, read, stretch, snack, nap, read, finish a book, start a new book, get something to drink, flip through a magazine… you see the pattern. Around 6:00 we’d all clean up and walk around town. The big decision of the day was where to eat dinner.

We did take some fieldtrips here and there. Drove to Puerta Vallarta for shopping, cruise ship viewing, and dinner. We also went to a nearby town for their version of a flea market… now that was sensory overload.

But, I think we all really enjoyed experiencing Rincon de Guyabitos: the street vendors, brick roadways, bus loads of Mexican vacationers, awesome authentic Mexican food, sunshine… and… being together as a family!

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Sally said...

Boy do you capture it well. And I too was totally surprised by the rugged and mountainous landscape. love you honey.