Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Album

The Long Family Vacation

The Christmas Presents... all wrapped up ;) Almost under the toilet instead of the tree.
Shopping in Puerto Vallarta
Sister Love
Downtown Guyabitos Eating... YUM

Mi Padres
The "Hat Pictures"And I think it looks best on Sarah... well, she does live in Auburn, AL. Lookin' good cowgirl. And my winner picture: total tri geek at the beach (running shorts, bad tan lines, and reading a book called "The Memory of Running")


Sally said...

The plastic bag wrapping really doesn't do justice to the great gifts. Thank you for the wonderful running gear. I enjoyed running each day with you and Sarah ... okay Sarah and I ran our own pace and watched you speed away ... but at least we were all running in the same town and I loved it. hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

HOT! Love the pics.....loved see Doug and Sally and of course Sarah.....I am going out to dinner w/ your mom in a few weeks (With Jim and Karyn too!)....I will see your butt soon too! :)) oxoxoxo Jenny