Friday, August 31, 2007

Telethon not Triathlon

This weekend, I'm participating in a different kind of "thon"... the annual MDA Labor Day (Jerry Lewis) Telethon.

No, I won't be at the big shebang (the nationally televised show, which is live from Las Vegas)... I'll be at the telethon in Asheville, NC. WLOS will film our local version: featuring patients, families, Carolina area VIP's, local fire departments, etc... then, some of these segments will air during Jerry Lewis telethon cut-aways.

Anyway... work is crazy busy. Wrapping up from an event we held yesterday (also in Asheville). Now we're trying to get our heads back on, get stuff together, and go back to Asheville on Sunday. There, we'll hold an all-night telethon... which runs through Labor Day.

I've never planned for or participated in a telethon. So far, it's more confusing than Silly Sally's triathlon hydration plan... or, Peter's daily supplement regimen. Looking over the script, come Monday... I expect to be more exhausted than if I did a triathlon.

*I can't believe I'll have gone to Asheville twice in one week... without going for a ride in the mountains. Augh! I love Asheville, but it's better when you're there for "vacation time." Which brings me back to the vacation time issue I discussed in a previous post.

Also, this weekend is the USA Cycling Pro Championships - in Greenville! Yippee, some cycling excitement here at home. Tonight, Mom and I are going to the VIP reception (Sally is the VIP... I think I'm the "plus one"). Then, tomorrow we will tour George Hincapie's Performance Training Village, Pla d'Adet.... in a helicopter! Fun! Following the helicopter ride, we'll watch the time trial. On Sunday, because I leave for Asheville, I'll miss the group ride with George as well as the road race.

I'll write more about this next week. Hey Elizabeth, maybe I'll get my picture taken with "smockin" George himself, ha ha.

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Alicia Parr said...

OH my gosh! I want to hear all about the Cycling Champs and this VIP reception stuff. Cool!!!