Thursday, August 23, 2007

boo-ville & loo-vull

Alright, I'll start with the moaning and complaining. It is TOO HOT HERE! I know, I know... I moved to SC to get out of the cold/snow/dreary conditions. But, seriously... 98-104 for two weeks in a row! My body is melting, my bones are drying up, everything is dying, electrolyte drinks have become my life-force. It's already in the 80's when I get up for a morning workout, then by the time I get off work... the asphalt has become a scorching passageway to the place often referred to as, “just leave me here to die.” I’m pretty sure there was a buzzard circling overhead during my last ride… he knew what was coming.

I’ve realized there’s a HUGE difference between 95 degrees and anything 100+. 95 is hot for running & slightly uncomfortable for riding. Over 100, and it’s a different story. Running in temps over 100 is a death wish… for me, it’s intolerable… even riding feels like you’re peddling through a steamy oven (which is set to pre-heat… and ready to cook your BODY).

Usually, during a brick run, I think about drinks (ice, coke, lemonade, powerade, Lipton green tea with citrus…). However, during my last brick run… I was cursing Peter for not having his own IV machine (or whatever they’re called).

Ok, I’m done talking about the heat. It couldn’t possibly last another week, right?! Sure as I post this, we’ll set some kind of extreme heat-duration record. Deep Breath. It could be worse. I could deal with below zero temps for weeks on end (ha ha you IL people).

My other topic of complaint: Not enough Vacation Days! I like my job, but the vacation day policy for new employees sucks. 5 DAYS! What am I supposed to do with 5 days?! I need 3 the week of Christmas… so, now I’m down to 2!!! This is the reason I’ve only done races in SC. I have no time to mess with travel. Now that I’ve committed to a wedding coming up in Colorado (Connie! Love ya, so excited!)… I’m down to even fewer days.

Consequently, I’ve decided to stay home while Peter races IM Louisville. Going to Coeur d’Alene was out of the question from the get go… but, Louisville… this one I hate to miss! Peter and I talked through every plan imaginable: he gets a ride there, I drive up Friday, and he rides back with me (unfortunately, we couldn’t find anyone leaving on Thursday)… well, then we thought maybe we could ride up together (when I got off work Thurs) and I’d drive his car back after the race (hum… he’d get to L’ville at midnight on Thursday and I’d get back to SC around 2am Monday morning… yeah, no). All this ranting makes me want to mention the astronomical gas prices… really, that’s the root of the problem! Anyway, it all started to sound crazy… and I don’t want him stressing. So, in Greenville I remain.

Anyway, I’ll focus my cheerleading efforts on IM Florida. Actually, banking the day off… and using it to go to Panama City will be better. We have many more friends racing/watching; it’ll be a fun weekend.

About Louisville… or ‘Loo-vull’ as people here call it: Best of luck to everyone racing this inaugural IM event! You are going to be in the South, so watch out for dogs chasing your rear wheel, red-necks tossing beer cans out of their truck windows as you hammer it out on the bike, the aforementioned HEAT, slow talkin’ volunteers, sweet tea and fried snacks at aid stations, did I say it might be HOT?! ( says 90 on race day)

GO PETER! After freezing in Wisconsin and Florida last year, then again in Coeur d’Alene earlier this year… you’re due for a warm race. Also good luck to Jay H and P (a friend of Sally’s, who I know reads this blog, and better comment on this one ;).

Also, good luck to Theresa this weekend in her first ever tri: Lake Norman, NC. You have done the training and I know you’re ready. What a way to celebrate the big 3-0! Can’t wait to hear about your experience. Stay calm, have fun, and remain hydrated (my new mantra).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a good agent to negotiate your employment contracts! haa haa Uh huh. 5 days. Stupid. I think 3 weeks is stupid too. I mean, ONLY in America.

Sally said...

All the best to the IM racers! The weather Is crazy every where - hot where you are - and floods - where we are. (I think Jenny is on to something on the vacation .... we need to adopt the 'Euro' style of vacation ... usually it's a month or more. love you xoxxoo Mom PS: Sarah bear is recovering well from having her 3 wisdom teeth pulled. xox

Pat said...

It's "P", Sally's friend. Loo-vull was a blast. I was hoping I'd get a chance to meet you and Peter in Loo-vull, but maybe at my next IM. We're trying to talk Sally into doing an IM in 2009. Do you think Jello shots would work?

Anonymous said...

I'm getting ready to join Ruthie for a run but thought I would spend a few minutes sharing my "what i will do differently" report from my first ever triathlon. Thanks for the Shout-out on your blog by the way!
#1) take Tylenol PM the night before - getting only 2 hours of sleep due to nerves was not fun and did not help me to feel confident. Speaking of nerves...#2) don't get so darn nervous! Hopefully I have gotten that out of my way. but...#3) praticing changing a tire will help - I kept thinking "what if my tire goes flat"? and felt unprepared (I have a tool kit but lord knows I have no idea what to do with it! #4) learn how to hydrate and take in nutrients throughout the race (is it sad that I still don't know how to grab my water bottle while riding?) Also, after getting sick all morning (see #2 - learn how to control my nerves) I could have used some sort of fuel at mile 13 on the bike. #5) more brick workouts #6) go on rides longer than the length of the race #7) practice running a little later than 6:00 am (I was totally unprepared for the heat at 9:00am) and #7 join a swim group or get a swim coach - I love to swim and this is the most fun part for me but I have to push myself harder - I figure someone standing on deck blowing a wistle every few minutes would help!

Well I could go on and on but I think those are my top 7 things I need to do to improve and feel better going into the race. I'm not sure if I've caught the "bug" but I decided I will sign up for all 4 area sprint triathlons next year.

Thanks for all your support & guidance. Hope you enjoyed the Telethon!