Monday, August 20, 2007

weekend - this and that

It’s like I want to write a post… but, I don’t know what to say. Maybe I’ll just give a random recap of my weekend, and we’ll see where that goes…

Friday afternoon/night… decent swim workout followed by dinner with Peter, Robin, and Keith.

Let’s discuss the swim here for a min. 1st off, I’d like to say a big Hallelujah for the return of high school swim season. No, I didn’t join the local HS team… but, until late, I’ve had to share a pool with the age group club team. OUCH! 9-10 year olds kicking my butt! Maybe, on their one-arm-fist-butterfly-no breathing DRILLS… I can hang with them (of course, I’m doing an all out 50). Ps; some 13 year old girl from the team just qualified for the Olympic Trials in the 100 fly! I’d MUCH rather my practice time coincide with the hs team. Hey, they can still beat me… but, it’s a much closer race to the wall.
I don’t usually describe my workouts in full detail, but here goes: WU 500 free. 10 X 50 drill. (400 @ 85%; 200 pull no paddles @ race pace; 4 X 50 all out effort) X 3. 200 CD. Wow, wasn’t that exciting to read.

Now, on to a more exciting Friday event… dinner. Peter and I hit-up the Publix grocery store for pizza ingredients, and then headed to Robin & Keith’s house. It was a great evening filled with yummy pizza, wine, hilarious stories… an overall A+ night with friends. My favorite topic = Keith’s years at the Naval Academy. Poor guy was starving so badly, he actually stole a loaf of white bread from the mess hall… then, ate the whole thing in the middle of the night. Thanks guys! And, I’d like to mention the dogs (Cleo and Brutus) were on their best behavior, ah.

Wasn’t easy to get up for that long run on Saturday morning. Probably already dehydrated, I got on the road around 7:30. Already into the 80’s… we were going to have another hot one. It was humid, and my stride felt off. After 4 miles, I was planning to do a 3 mile TT effort. I hit my watch and sped up… after completing the course (what I thought was 3 miles), I looked down to see 27:05. WHAT?! Yeah, I should just quit now. The next 20 minutes were spent jogging along, contemplating my slow time.

Finally, I could stop moving… drink… stretch… shower… drink more… PETER! So, either I ran longer than 3 miles for that TT…. Or, I just suck big time. When I described where I ran (the route I thought he’d told me was 3 miles)… he cleared it up, I actually ran 4 miles hard. Ok, that’s better.

Back to Publix (doughnuts and water), and then I drove to the Spartanburg Fire Department. They’ve been doing a Fill-the-Boot drive to raise money for MDA. Great guys, standing outside on these HOT days, asking for donations. Can’t thank the S’burg FD enough!

As I returned home, the temps were moving into the upper 90’s. My body was begging for rest. I actually sat on the couch, legs propped up on a pillow, cool drink by my side, and read. I started & finished an entire 262 page book. Might I recommend “Running with the Buffalo's.” Recount of a year spent with the University of Colorado’s CC Team.

That night, a bit under dressed, I went to Caroline’s birthday party… festivities at Kate’s new place. Great old-school music, dancing… the typical party scene. Funniest occurrences of the night…. Acrobatics: seeing how many girls could fit into the powder room at once; Kate’s wardrobe changes; the piñata filled with tic-tacs; a trip to the haunted basement… I went home as they were headed downtown.

Sunday morning I woke up early for the Greenville Sprint triathlon. Thank God I wasn’t racing, I might have died. I don’t have a good excuse for not entering the race. But, I’ve learned to keep my name off the participant list if I’m not excited about the event! So, I reverted back to my cheerleading days… and supported Peter & other friends. Although Peter’s been in full-on IM training mode (Louisville next weekend), he had a smokin’ fast sprint race. He won the elite division… but, there was a fast amateur who ended up posting the fastest time by about 30 seconds.

After the race, G. (who also raced well!) and Peter rode their bikes home (about 30 miles). I drove back to Peter’s house and went out for my long ride. Since I’d spent so much time at the race, it was now the middle of the day… and H-O-T. 12 miles in, and both water bottles were already empty. Luckily, there’s a church on the regular TT loop… that church (well, the hose on the side of it) has saved me more times than Billy Graham has called for people to “become a Christian.”

Two 9 mile TT’s later and I was spent. Done. Finished. It was so hot and windy, I pictured myself cranking out the efforts in the Sahara Desert. There was a constant, scorching, thick, head wind. Honestly, I wondered if I’d make it home. In my mind, I’d already called off the brick run……….. but, after a slow 10 miles… I had some Coke and put on my running shoes. I actually had people (who were out watering plants) shake their head at me as I ran by. Yes, I know I was crazy to be running at 4pm while heat radiated off the asphalt.

Usually a cold drink and a shower are all I need to shake off a tough day of training. But, Sunday… Sunday was another story. I felt exhausted to the core. Dehydration, maybe? Lack of sleep, possible. Whatever it is, hit me hard. I’m with Jen… sometimes you need to detox. I don’t know how I’ll do that this week, but liquids (both alcoholic and electrolyte charged) will be involved.

Another important note from the weekend… I lost my roommate, Noel. She moved to Santa Rosa, CA. There are too many things to say about her departure. Another blog will be dedicated to her soon! You know I miss you Noel!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes!! Sounds like you need a nice weekend with your friend JEN in BOULDER!!! Some fun wedding parties AND I will drag your ass to Boulder Masters and some trail running! Giddy up! Jen :)

Sally said...

I'm proud of your dedication to training. Please be careful in this heat and humidity... love you. Mom