Monday, August 27, 2007

IM Louisville



What an exciting day! Although IMLive was acting-up most of the day (frequently causing me to yell at my computer monitor), I followed race coverage until Peter crossed the finish line.

Not actually being in Louisville, and relying on the internet to give you updates is torture! Refreshing the page, trying to search for other friends in the field, going crazy because the IM site would not cooperate.

So, after checking the final swim times I headed out for my long run. While I ran, I thought about all the IM competitors out on the course... great motivation for my workout.

I came back to find that he was having a good day on the bike. Coming into T2 30 minutes behind the leaders is a gap Peter can usually chisel away at on the run. On a warm (not HOT, as he would have preferred) day in Louisville... Peter finished the IM in 9:22:18 (13th Pro, 14th OA).

As he told me after his visit to the medical tent (Peter's favorite post-race party... 2 IV's = good times), he was happy with his race. The bike was MUCH improved from Cour d'Alene... so, he feels like his training is moving in the right direction. Now, if he can just drop the same amount of time for IM Florida ;)

I'll try to write more about the race after I get some stories from Peter... and other people who were actually at the race.

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Sally said...

Peter Congratulations... I loved watching you cross the finish line. Sally