Tuesday, August 28, 2007

how to: feel fast

The next time you're feeling sluggish... or just need a confidence booster, might I recommend working out with a pro triathlete who's just raced and IM and driven himself home. he he he.

After Cour d'Alene, Peter and his tired self joined me for a track workout. Damn, did I look like I was flying during those 400's. Right. Maybe instead of feeling so good about my running... I should have realized that a guy, who just finished an IM, was right on the heels of my fresh legs during my all out efforts.

Well, this morning I made Peter meet me at the pool. He said swimming would help his recovery... and I hoped it would help my self confidence. There we were doing 200's, Peter with pull-buoy and paddles - me with neither. During the faster intervals, I could almost keep up! Wow, this post is beginning to sound sad. I need to stop writing before I get depressed about having to red-line it, just to keep up with Peter (2 days and a long drive out of Louisville).

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