Thursday, September 6, 2007

getting HIGH

Don’t worry… I’m talking altitude here. Not illegal drugs, although after the Telethon, I considered trying weed. (not really, but this past weekend drove me to the brink of sleep-deprived insanity).

Let me rewind to before I experienced my televised version of hell.

Yeah! Sally was in town. The lovely Long Ladies got cleaned up (the first time in a looong time I’ve actually primped for a night out). Then, thanks to her VIP status, we got into the pre-race party at the Wyche Pavilion (cool brick structure now used for receptions, parties, and dinners by the river). Great spread of yummy foods, champaign, wine, beer, and yes… powerade (looks like they knew their guests!). We sat with the “Successful Living” team see:

Next to the pavilion, they were filming a spot for the local news channel. Hincapie spoke and they asked him questions about the race (ps. He looked quite nice in his Euro jeans, crisp white t’shirt, and black blazer). They also interviewed Saul Raisin… wow, what a story! I’m actually reading the book about his comeback right now (Tour de Life – From Coma to Competition).

After a fun night cycle-glam style… I had to make a tough decision. Either go for a helicopter ride and watch the National Pro time trial… or…. Go with Peter and G for an 80 mile ride up, down, and around the Blue Ridge Parkway. AH! It was a win/win situation, but I was so torn. After much deliberation, I opted for the ride with Peter and G.

So, on Saturday morning at 6:30… Peter, G, and I packed up G’s car and headed to Brevard, NC. I can’t even describe the ride. It was amazing… an awesome 80 miles of climbing, pushing, forcing myself to keeping going. We ascended above the clouds, rode through a tunnel, flew down the mountains (well, Peter and G flew… I tried to keep up). The views were spectacular. We passed so many waterfalls, I lost count. G sent me a cool graph of the ride… altitude (in meters), time, and mile points (in blocks). About 7,268 feet of climbing in the 80 mile ride. Normally, I would have many stories about such a long day of training. But, this ride was different. Although the 3 of us did ride together, the climbs separated us. It was a solitary effort upward. The beauty, struggle, and sense of accomplishment just can’t be put into words.
We had parked at a Bi-Lo (grocery store), thank God! After a 2 mile brick run: single file, out and back on a busy road… nice. I forced myself to keep up with their 7 min pace (just because I was in fear of my life). We took our tired, sore, spandex clad selves into the store for some drinks.

Now, Sunday: off to Asheville, NC for the MDA Telethon. Let’s just say, it was the longest Labor Day of my life. Note to self: working 24 hours straight to produce a televised fundraiser is NO WAY to recover from 5 hours of climbing. Here’s what I will say about the telethon… I don’t have to do it again for another 12 months.

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Sally said...

The picture says it all as far as your ride.... what beauty! (and I know you did well). love Mom