Monday, September 24, 2007

Beyond Fabrications!

Drum Roll…. I got a NEW BIKE!
Beyond Fabrications Blink Carbon TT

It is sleek, sexy, shiny, smooth, swift… and it ROCKS MY WORLD! Actually, it makes my world fly by as I hammer down the roadways. I am in love.

Jim @ Beyond Fabrications – Thank you! You have been amazing to work with throughout the “build process”! Thanks so much for clearly explaining my options, making the whole process extremely easy, shipping everything quickly, dealing with my specific color requests, and… for making AWESOME BIKES!

Peter – Thanks for taking all the parts from the process mentioned above… and turning them into a functioning bicycle ;) Looking at the frame, surrounded by cables, chains, derailleurs, cogs, shifters, peddles, and a bunch of other parts (which I can’t name)… was a bit frightening (speaking of frightening: please, don’t ever take that air compressor drum tool near her again!). Somehow, on Friday, you took all that stuff – pieced it together – and I was riding it the next day!! WOW!

So, on Saturday, Peter and I joined Robin and Keith for part of their IM training ride. (I was SUPER excited about getting on my new bike… but, even this couldn’t have motivated me to ride 6 hours.) And, although the calendar tells me that Fall has begun, I’m thinking South Carolina didn’t get the memo. This weekend, our temps continued to climb into the mid 90’s.

Luckily, the new bike distracted me from the heat. I had so much fun out there. On the other hand, Peter came close to death by dehydration… but, Robin saved his life with a sip from her water bottle (oh the drama… Peter should be up for an Academy Award). Sunshine, good friends, new bike (with sweet red saddle and matching handlebar tape)… it was a Good Day.

Here are some pics. A few taken during the measuring stages… then one w/ Peter to commemorate the first ride! How cute, we have matching bicycles. *After looking over my bike… Peter has decided that he wants a red saddle too.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ashley! What a sweet ride. Hope "she" serves you well this weekend. We'll be cheering for you and Peter. Good luck!

Sarah K.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to hear more about the drama with your counterpart. What about the 7lbs of fluid loss and the need for 7 gallons of water? We still laugh at that.. hehe. Talk to you later. Also we need to try BIN112.

Sally said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!! I'm so excited for you.... now take her out there and let her fly with the wind on Sunday. I'll be with you the whole way. Thank you to all who helped in this wonderful process. Love, MOM

Sally said...

... just noticed the color coordinated seat, bar tape, water bottle and gloves! Georgia colors too - go Dawgs!.

Dennis T said...

Hi Ashley, I did a search on Beyond Fabrications and came across your site. I'm considering buying a Beyond Blink frame and wanted to know your opinion of the frame. I've not seen one personally and only viewed them on the Beyond website. Can you comment on the ride characterics, stiffness, over looks, quality of the frameset? Any info would be appreciated...thx...

Ashley said...

Dennis, Thanks for asking! Let me warn you... I'm no bike expert, for specific details and such, contact my boyfriend Peter ( He is great at talking "bike," and would love to hear from you. However, I can tell you that I raced a 1/2 IM on the new bike and it rode like a charm. It is a stiff ride (no flex in the bottom bracket or where the crank arms attach); handles well in cross-wind and on down hills; I felt very stable; and had a fast time split! I would highly recommend this frame!