Thursday, September 13, 2007

Off to Boulder

Ye-haw! Connie & Neil are getting married on Saturday!

Tomorrow (very early am) I leave GSP for Denver, CO. There, I'll meet up with my wedding date: the one-and-only, Jen Harrison. I think it's safe to say, aside from the bride and groom, we just might be the best looking couple there.

Sounds like there are fun activities planned for tomorrow afternoon. Some shopping, a party bus ride, exploring Boulder... slapping some sense into Neil for being a Gamecock, etc...

Saturday morning is a male vs. FEMALE trail running race. Ladies, it's GO TIME! To be honest, I'm more nervous for this than any other race I've done recently.

At 3:00 pm, we'll witness Connie and Neil exchange their vows at an outdoor amphitheater. Following the ceremony is the reception... usually this is a time to dance, drink, and be crazy. However, I have been instructed by my date that there will be no alcohol consumption.

You see, I'm going to this wedding with a tri-geek ;) She's already "made reservations" for us at the Boulder Aquatic Masters swim practice on Sunday morning. That should be interesting.

So, off I go for a wedding... which has really become a weekend training camp in Boulder. Connie, Neil, and Jen - Can't wait to see you!


Anonymous said...

Hey wait a minute....I never said anything about NO alcohol...I just don't want you throwing up during our altitude runs! haha. Ok, the blog after this weekend will be a classic. See you in the AM. You should have emailed Elizabeth the "rules" about Driving Miss Daisy for a weekend. Jen

E. L. F. said...

I can't believe you took the elderly into the mountain time zone. Did you not read my post from Portland? Miss Daisy does not handle time change well. And, I realize this is late, but I HOPE you heeded my warning about absolutely NO grocery shopping with Miss Daisy.

Sally said...

Ya'll are too funny! Connie and Neil look so happy and your weekend with Jen sounds exhilerating! love, Mom