Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Boulder Wedding Pics

Ceremony up on the Mountain
Jen and Ashley... all dressed up
The Sunrise Amphitheater on Flagstaff Mountain
Connie and Neil, exchanging vows
View from the reception... Downtown Boulder, CO


Sally said...

WOW - what a setting ... I mean WOW what a beautiful couple ... this goes for Connie & Neil AND you and Jen. I love the pictures. xoxxo, Mom

Sarah said...

way to wear a dress with a low cut back with those ridiculous tan lines...you are no longer a school nerd but a tri-nerd

love you...you actually look very nice for once in 3 months

E. L. F. said...

Oh my god. Did you two go to a wedding with wet hair? ;)

Ashley said...

oh yeah... we went wet hair, Rudy Project sunglasses, eating a clif bar along the way... Jen even ditched her "grown up shoes" for Crocs... which nicely displayed her blisters. *and thanks for the comment about my tan lines. I worked really hard to get such a nice contrast!