Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hartsville Race Pics

Let's take a vote... who do you think has the best finishing pic? Peter taking a stroll across the line, or Ashley about to Yack?! And yes, this was an Olympic Distance race. In looking at my pic, you'd think I just did an IM.

Peter or Ashley?


Katie said...

Actually - YOU look better. I thought if you raced hard that is how you should look!

Sally said...

form or function? I'll give my vote for form to Peter .... but function - the heart of giving it your all and doing your best .... I think your picture says it all ... great photos. I love the pictures in your log Ashley. with love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Ashley - although I must admit that I laughed out loud upon viewing your photo... priceless.

You two rock! Way to go -
Sarah Kolb

Anonymous said...

My vote is you - you look like you are going to HURL! Love it!!! Jenny

Alicia Parr said...

You're pic is way better.