Monday, April 21, 2008

success in IL

What a weekend for my parents! Not only did they swim FAST at the IL State Masters Meet... They SOLD their house!!! Looks like my dad (Doug) will be joining mom in retirement as of June 1st. WooHOO! Their plans are to move South asap. In the words of Mr. Bob Barker himself, "Come on Down; you're the next contestants".... to join me in paradise!

Great Job at the meet everyone. Looks like I'll be chasing my dad in the water soon:

Doug -
50 Free: 26.53
50 Back: 30.86
100 Back: 1:05.87
100 IM: 1:07.74

Sally -
1000: 18:27.14 (AWESOME Mom! Both 500 splits faster than your 500 earlier this year!)

Jen -
1000: 12:14.77 (uh, you just ROCK)


Kellye Mills said...

Wow!! Now we see how you got so fast! You've got some good genes going for you. Congratulations to your parents, and I'm really glad they'll be closer to you now. That's always a good thing! :)

Eileen Swanson said...

SUPER COOL! Congrats to everyone, especially your STUDLY parents. That is simply awesome....

Have a great week...


Anonymous said...

WAS THAT A 1.07 IM by DOUGmaster? HOLY CRAP, good for him. He is swimming well. Your mom told me she sold the house! Woo hoo! Except, I hate to see them leave. SNIFF. :) Thanks for posting my time for the world to see(NOT!)...I haven't even seen the full results....haha. Jen H. :)

sunshine said...

Wow! Congrats to your mom and dad -- that's awesome!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Wow - excellent on the house sale and the great swim meet. Aw shucks - your parents are FAST!

As for JH - I just know that she had some sort of trick up her sleeve - or perhaps whe was wearing flippers. Oh wait - no. I've got it... it was her Camp HTFU suit - she had flames coming out of her you-know-where.... that MUSt have deone it! Wow!

Hope that you're doing great!

love Marit

Mendy said...

Ashley!! I've been MIA for a while from blogs, but just got caught up on everything I missed.

Wicked! Amazing. I so wanted to see that while in NYC last yr, just didn't work out though.

Your Mom and Dad are in AWESOME shape and sound like an amazing set of parents that have set the example well throughout your life. They are living the life of how we want to when Grace is your age. Just amazing! Congrats to them on the meet and the house sell. They're gonna love living down south, right? :-)

See you this weekend!!! Looking forward to meeting you and seeing you rock that triathlon in person.

Eric said...

HOLY COW! 1:07 IM?!?! SMOKIN'! I don't think I could go 2:07! That is so incredibly cool! I'm motivated to start throwing 100 IM's into the workout now! Maybe I can be ready to do the first 250 of Clemson fly! HA! See you soon!

Eric said...

I won't be at Langley Pond. I'm coaching my daughter's soccer team and son's baseball team and we have games this weekend. I'm thinking IF I'm going to swim fly at Clemson, I'd better drink the beer BEFORE the race! ;-p

Sally said...


Thank you for the encouragement and the posts! Thank you also to all the blogging friends. Doug and I appreciate your nice comments.

with love,

Sally / Mom

David said...

That's awesome! So, it's all genetic (and hard training), huh?

Sorry I missed the ride last weekend with you guys. Hopefully I'll catch one soon! See you Saturday.