Friday, April 11, 2008

MDA Stride & Ride - 2

I spent the past few days in Charlotte for an MDA Regional Meeting... phew, amazing how exhausting just sitting in a conference room can be. Amid all the work talk, we did find time for some fun. Our Regional Director is being promoted – and we sent him off in Roast fashion. I opted to say farewell in a self written rap song. Many others took a turn frying him up.

But, I must say the best part of the night was having Luke Christie (14 yrs old and a National MDA spokesperson – from Due West, SC) there to share his own stories. Luke, as always, it was an honor to have you in attendance! You are a true inspiration… and a daily source of motivation while I’m at work. I’m crossing off days on my calendar, just waiting for MDA Summer Camp! Start getting your office supplies list together; I’ve got the stapler ready and waiting ;) [Luke has decided to hire me for the week of camp. Each day, he publishes a Camp Newsletter. This year, I am the Assistant Editor. My salary = M&M’s] Which reminds me: Hey Luke – Start a Blog!

Here is my friend Luke with his friend Jerry Lewis

And remember, you can help send kids like Luke to our camp! Sign up to run or walk the MDA Stride & Ride 5K.

Saturday, May 17th
Race Start: 8:30
Furman University, PAC Center
Entry fee: $25


Ashley said...

(in an email from Luke)

Yo Home Skillet!!

My energy, focus, my everything was renewed after seeing you on Wednesday!! You always make me laugh!! I will most definitely check your blog more often, that way I feel like I am with you all the time. I am so excited that you and I are working on the newsletter together this summer!! If I intern in the summer, we can do some work in person rather than through e-mail!! Blogspot looks like a cool place and you have totally inspired me to start my own blog. I will let you know when I do. Love you bunches!! Gotta run for now but keep in touch and peace out!!!!

Sally said...

Ashley, I am so proud of you. And Luke, Ashley talks about you often .... you sound so fun. All the best for camp and the run! Love you guys. Sally

Matt said...

Very nice post. I hope your race, duties as camp worker and assistant editor are a huge success! I am guessing that Luke picked just the right person for those jobs. You both are an inspiration to everyone!

Kellye Mills said...

What a great job you have!! Thank you so much for the invite. I am seriously going to take you up on the offer after St. Anthony's!! I can't wait!

Eileen Swanson said...

This is so awesome. The work you do is inspiring and so appreciated! You have a great heart....