Thursday, April 17, 2008

GO Mom & Dad!

This weekend both of my parents will be racing in the IL Masters State Swim Meet.

Good Luck Mom & Dad!
(and Jen too ;)

Dad, please watch over Mom during her 1,000. We've seen her miscount a 200 (gotta love winning your AG in the 200 when you only swim 150 ;)... so we know she'll need some serious help keeping track of that many laps. (Ok, JH has just said she'll watch over you Mom)

Mom, push push push - there will be no bike/run to think about. You'll do GREAT!

Dad, enjoy what could be your final IL State Meet! Sounds like training's been going well and you're feeling strong. Time to leave IL with a bang (and get down here so we can swim together). Have fun with your friends. Can't wait to hear about it! I love you both.

Finishing up some open water training in Mexico


Ashley said...

(in email from Dad)

Thanks for your support. Wish you were here to both swim and cheer us on.

Unfortunately Mom swims the 1000 on Friday and My swims are on Sat and Sunday. So we will not be there at the same time. Mom will have to do it on here own. She will arrange for a good counter. Hope she breaks 20 min.

I have to be over there (DeKalb) early Sat morning. I love the facility and hope to see many friends. Although this may be the last Illinois State meet ... next year I hope to do the 1st SC state meet ... it there is such a thing. We can do that one together.

Mom is making many plans to do her Tri tour. Florida, SC, watch you in FL, Auburn then Memphis. She will be on the tour for over a month. What a life when you are retired. Can't wait.

Love you

Anonymous said...

I am swimming the 1000 TT tomorrow at STATE too! WOO HOO! I will make sure your mom is appropriately dressed and counts correctly! :) Jen H.

Sally said...

Thank you Ashley for the nice blog post. Thank you Doug for encouraging to sign up for the swim meet. Thank you Jen - for being there! I'm in the 1st heat at the 4:00pm swim .... they must go slowest to fastest ! I love you all. Sally

Pedergraham said...

I want to grow up to be just like your parents! I hope that in 25 years from now, Lelia is writing a blog and proud of the things that her dad and I are doing in our retirement years. Good luck to Sally, Jen and "Dad".

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...


Do I get to meet your Mom at Gulf Coast??? I HOPE SO!

AND, I agree with Danielle: one day, I hope to be like your parents. They are incredible.

Eileen Swanson said...

Wow Ashley, that is so cool! So inpsiring.....Best wishes to your folks for a great swim meet.....


David said...

I hope I'm as active as they are when Grace is your age! That's awesome. Just goes to show: you're only as old as you let yourself be.

BreeWee said...

Oh my gosh, that is the coolest picture I have ever seen... your parents running out of the ocean together! I hope and pray that can be me and Jim one day! They look super healthy & happy!
Good luck to them both!

Kellye Mills said...

How absolutely cool is that that your parents are such amazing inspirations!! I only hope Cooper and Gracie can look at me this way in 20 years!! I hope everything went great for them yesterday!

Are you going to be at St. Anthony's this coming weekend?