Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Franklin Photos

Pictures from Last Weekend
Gorgeous views... from up in the clouds
AStar & ALong... CAT Models

Brian, climbing more in one ride than he's done all year in IL

Hi Sally! No more waving... it's best you keep your hands on the bars and eyes on the road ;)
Andrew on some crazy trail run w/ Brian...
Christian Training Center across from Pagan Witchery Compound... things that make ya go Hum?!

Hills + Smooth Roads = Great Riding
Hello Switchbacks
I don't even want to know how AS took this picture while riding his bike

Even on an overcast day - it's Beautiful
IronMan?... no,no... Iron Chef Me, pretending to help
The photos don't do it justice
Our resident foodies served it up
I'm trying to learn... Andrew, Ashley, Sally, Matt, Brian
Falls in Franklin
Andrew's self portrait (there were many, many more pics of AS... but I couldn't fit the entire self-shot "album of Stary" on this blog)

And now... the SLEEP SHOTS (Andrew... there are none of me, because I don't sleep, I just train and eat ;) riiiiiight.Matt, post ride - didn't even make it to the cabin
Andrew in the Iron Cross, before he maneuvered into the fetal position Sally and Brian trying to dry out
Me, post run - cold, wet, tired - in need of a HOT shower


katharine said...

i happened upon your post...and have spent many painful hours in the saddle in the franklin/highlands/cashiers area. check out the tour de cashiers--it's in a few weeks--it just misses franklin...lots of good climbs and even better descents. (tourdecashiers.com) happy riding!


Anonymous said...

LOVE these pics, Ash! Thanks for posting, makes me want to plan another HTFU camp - SOON...as the winds and snow swirls here... Jen H. :)

sunshine said...

Looks like an amazing weekend!

Can I get some resident foodies for my trips? :)

Pedergraham said...

Awesome pcitures. Those switchbacks look extra enticing in the mist...and that dinner makes me HUNGRY!

Mendy said...

Ashley, the pics are great! Loved the mountain ones. I was looking at them, and noticed that I knew one of the guys. David and I met Matt at Northhampton Wines about a yr'ish ago. Very nice guy.

You look VERY cold in that last pic!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Wow - fantastic pictures, thank you so much for sharing! Yes - it wasn't sunny and hot - but this looked even better, even more magical. Love themountains, the roads look wonderful, and it makes me want to hop on my bike and just GO. (With good company, of course!)

What a great weekend - thanks for posting the pictures! BEAUTIFUL area.

And - fyi. In the last shot, you look like you REALLY need to use the bathroom. That's all I'm gonna say.... love to you! :)

Sally said...

Katherine .... can you email me. I'd like to know more about rides in the NC area !!!! Sallylong.one@gmail.com.

Ash - thank you for the photos. They're great reminders of a wonderful trip. Let's do it again. I love you! Mom.

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi Ash,

Thanks for finding me and posting a comment. Yay, another gymnast turned triathlete, I was feeling lonely ;-) Great pics. Now, I'll be following your posts ;-)


BreeWee said...

Oh my gosh that is beautiful! I just love that bike route, thanks for posting... yeah, the sun and ocean are amazing but something about the seasons are too amazing as well. Warm up...!

Kellye Mills said...

Hey Ashley!

Thanks so much for the congrats on my blog! It wasn't the greatest conditions, but it was fun! So... you must be THE Ashley I hear so much about! ;)

Marit and I are friends, and Jen H. God bless her is my coach! :) So it's all good! Are you doing St. Anthony's as well? I know a lot of people are going to be down there and I can't wait to meet everyone.

I love the photos by the way! Jen invited me to the 09 version of HTFU Camp, and I can't wait to go!! Looks amazing!

Marni said...

great pics and great blog! the food looks yummmy!!!!