Wednesday, April 16, 2008

runner's plea

Ok, I had to post this. An email I just got from my friend Kenneth. Claiming to be in a "poetic/speech kinda mood." This is his valiant attempt to find early morning running buddies:

To: A bunch of people
From: Kenneth C.
Email Subject Line: 'dawn breaks on a perfect warm thursday morning'

You know, we can go about our day, spend our lives at our jobs and never really live. Sure, go to work, go downtown for a few beers but is that really living? NO I say! I say to live is to test yourself - can you do it? Do you measure up?

Some people measure their lives in mundane things like wealth, happiness or fame. Others, the ones that really understand life, live life for the intangibles - the moments, the experiences, love, happiness. Which one are you? I would maintain that runners are the latter - the lovers, the fighters the ones who haven't resigned themselves to meaningless lives of drudgery, apathy and "just good enough!, just OK attempts, and worst of all - settling. NEVER SETTLE!

In the words of the great Prefontaine, "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift!!!"

So join me, test yourself, live life to the fullest. For one blessed hour of the day - you have the chance to live on the edge, to not rollover. Don't let the highlight of your day be surveying a TPS report at 10:35 am in the conference room. Let the highlight of your day be crossing falls bridge as the sun rises over the blue ridge mountains and the sky bursts into color. Let your highlight be your smile as the first line of sweat appears on your shirt. Let your highlight be that burn in your quads as your muscles and your body thanks you for being used!............ As another wise sage once said "you can sleep when you die!"

haha see you tomorrow and please forgive me, I'm in a poetic/make a speech kinda mood

this has got to be the BEST group run invite I've ever received. Kenneth, I applaud your spirit, motivational powers, and endorsement of a Fantastic Morning Activity! Run On my friend.


Sally said...

If I was in town you can bet I'd be there! I want to Live and live big. Hope to meet Kenneth when I'm there some time.

Anonymous said...

Crap! I mean, HOW could you turn that one down!? Never! :) Jen H.

BreeWee said...

Count me in, tell Kenneth I'll run with him, make it 2 hours!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Wow. As soon as I'm cleared, you can count me in. :)