Thursday, December 6, 2007

more... WEDDINGS!

While evaluating my 2007, I’ve come to one conclusion… much time was spent training for and racing triathlons. However, coming in a close 2nd was preparing for – traveling to – and attending Weddings! Luckily, I enjoy both events.

So… what’s more fun than when the two collide?! The marriage of Jennifer & Galen: two IM triathletes now bonded for life. CONGRATS! (not to overlook the marriage of Connie & Neil earlier this year... another rather athletic pair) I first met J&G at a pre-race party before IM Wisconsin in 2006. If I remember correctly, they hadn’t been dating long. I made many new friends that night, including Robin & Keith.

Since then, I’ve spent hours in the pool, miles on the bike, and plenty of time running with each of them. I can’t say it enough… I LOVE the friendships I’ve made through triathlon. Just last weekend, Robin invited me to join her on a run up Paris Mountain. Alone, this would have been an agonizing climb. Instead, she and I enjoyed a relaxed pace and spent the time catching up (when we were able to talk). Check out this profile (1,000 feet of climbing in the first 3.5 miles):

Jennifer & Galen’s wedding was beautiful. Of course, the most moving points emerged while they exchanged their vows. However, the most entertaining moments had to have been Robin & Keith singing hymnals as part of the wedding party. Not to mention how fun it is to see everyone dressed in a material other than spandex/nylon/polyester. Eh, we clean up NICE!

The reception, at Larkin’s on the River, was a blast. Great food, music, wine… and DANCING were enjoyed by all. Here are some pictures from the night.

Me, Keith, Robin, Jennifer, and Vladena (Peter's Mom)

Jennifer & Galen gettin' down

Robin & Keith (aka Chunk)... don't you both look so nice ;)

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Sally said...

looks like everyone is having so much fun. I've loved hearing about all of the wonderful weddings. love you, Mom