Monday, December 17, 2007

jolly hang-over

Phew... and we thought racing a triathlon was exhausting. Honestly, I can't keep up with the pace my friends set during these Christmas parties!! Not to mention the racing around in "transition"... decorations... fighting mall traffic/lines... getting dressed up... etc...

It's Monday, and I'm officially spent. Get me to Mexico already! Mom, Dad, and Sarah... I hear the beach calling us now. Best idea EVER: vacation instead of gift exchange. You can't wrap up a good day on the beach with family! fyi, I went to Barnes & Noble during my lunch to get books and home improvement magazines. We're set.

Friday night was spent at the Handlebar with friends for the Tab Benoit (awesome guitarist from Louisiana) concert.

Saturday I crashed the rockin' par-tay at Rolling Green (my Grandma's assisted living community). Oh yeah, that punch was definitely spiked ;) But, in all seriousness, my aunt and I had a good time with Granny. Even in her new, strange, medicinal, little world... we seemed to find the Christmas Spirit. And I ate all her gingerbread cookies.

Saturday night was the "Do you hear what i hear? part thrice" party, hosted by my girl SARA! One word - Amazing. This lady can pull off a party with more flare than Martha Stewart herself. I mean, somehow Sara managed to throw an Asian inspired Christmas Party (complete with Shanghai Chinamen Gingerbread cookies, teriyaki meatballs, Christmas fortune cookies, and sake jello shots)... and, does Martha provide ample supplies for "flip-cup?" I think not! Sara, I stand and applaud your tremendous efforts. You are my party hero! Everyone had a blast... and now we know your porch/living room/dining room/kitchen areas can hold 60 people. And (yes, Jen... get jealous), Sara loves me so much... she stocked each room with a bowl of M&M's... Merry Christmas, Ashley: here's your chocolate!
*evidently this party lasted until 5:30 am. WHAT?! I had to make my way out around 1:00, which is like leaving a party at 5:00 am in my world.

I'm not going to lie - I slept in on Sunday, and it felt GREAT! After forcing myself to get out of bed and down a cup of coffee... I laced up the shoes and headed out for a long run. That 1st mile was, eh, painful... but, the sun was out - I was in shorts - the wind was occasionally at my back - and I kept going!

An 1:30 later and I was home, much more on the "awake" side of life. A fantastic text message greeted me on my cell: "Ashley, come over for chili, baked goods, and football." Whoa - more than enough said! Jennifer, those are such beautiful words.

I cleaned up and headed to JB's... I found her in an apron, up to her elbows in sugar and flour. Listen here - I actually helped in the kitchen from about 2:30 until 8:00 pm (thank God I was fueled by the yummy chili)! That is more time than I've spent baking over the course of my life. Jennifer is a lawyer, and felt the need to bake "suck-up" gifts for the judges ;) So, we made lemon squares, cookies, fudge, puppie chow, and ritz cracker peanut butter sandwiches covered in white chocolate (which we named "white trash"). At 8:00, I had to leave the kitchen... so I dragged her to see the movie "August Rush". Excellent movie, btw!

Like I said... it was quite a weekend. Bring on the vacation.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, save some M&MS for me, please! Have a great time in Mexico...! Hey, are you coming home for the Superbowl swim meet in early Feb? Jen :)

Sally said...

what fun! I want to take lessons from your friends ... for cooking and entertaining! love, Mom