Thursday, February 28, 2008

run in the park

t-minus 6 hours until HTFU Camp.
My heartrate has already increased...

So, before I'm able to post stories about "crazy women taking down Greenville," let me leave you with this:
an email from my friend Kenneth, a fellow Greenville runner. Feel free to join the group!

Tuesday's and Thursday's
6:10am Run - Cleveland Park
We'll meet at that little parking lot across from the softball fields right over by the washington st entrance.

Maybe 4 miles or so - no we won't go fast, yes you can handle it, no it won't be too cold, yes Ashley is faster than you, and yes emily will cook breakfast for you if you show up.

You can do it! Deep down you know you really want to. We'll be done by 7ish so you can shower and be at work by 8. Cmon, come out and try it. You'll thank yourself Memorial Day when everyone goes to the lake and you'll be ready to lose the shirt and hit the water and no one else will.

Advantages to running once or twice a week at Cleveland Park with us:
--- burn 500 calories
--- the ability to guiltlessly order that porter ale you've always wanted to try at happy hour thursday after work
--- lose weight
--- justify the iPod you bought last year
--- rock out your swimsuit this summer

Disadvantages (few)
--- you will realize how much better it is too see the sunrise over falls bridge than it is to stare at a wall while on the treadmill
--- you might get addicted to the endorphins's time to get going!

Fwd this to other runners you know! The more the merrier! I promise we'll go slow!!!!

peace out warriors

Hot Links to get you pumped about not being fat and lazy anymore:

as an added bonus....this is the finish of the 1980 NCAA X-Country championship...see if you recognize who wins the national all know him.


David said...

Man, that sounds great! Woo hoo, I could totally dig that...


6 AM? Oh hellz no! LOL Maybe in a month or two I'll be doing some earlier mornings, but yikes! And it's cold!!

Hey, hope the Grrrrrl weekend is going well.

Sally said...

I'd join you in a heartbeat if I wasn't 6 states away. Have fun. Hugs to all.


Sally said...

OMG that video of our friend winning the NCAAs is GREAT! Please tell him that watching that has motivated me to get out an run - even though cold today, it was beautifully sunny.

Mendy said...

That nike commercial is awesome! and shows some of the stopping I go through.

Hope you're having a GREAT weekend. When I pick the pace up a bit, I'll definately think about the group runs. I'm not ready for all that.

BreeWee said...

HELLO!!! Where are your posts about HTFU camp??? We want photos and to know how much the girls destroyed your home! Hope you had fun... everyone has posted how amazing you are!!

Pedergraham said...

Glad that your weekend was so great. (Are you going to be finding bits and pieces of M&Ms in all of your couch cushions for months now?)Saw Luke Wilson running on the beach in Santa Monica on yesterday...didn't he know that he and his brothers were supposed to be trail running in Greenville instead?