Wednesday, February 27, 2008

HTFU tomorrow!

Watch out Greenville - tomorrow you'll be meeting some new, crazy athletes!

It's training camp time... and since G'vegas, SC is the best place in the world - my friends will be coming here. That's right: we've got ladies coming from Illinois, New York, Florida, North Carolina, and Kansas. All very accomplished athletes and downright cool chicks.

The twist: they're all sleeping at my house.
This could provide for good blog stories. Especially since we now know that Jen Harrison runs around her house naked.
It's going to be one big slumber-party: complete with bikes, bike boxes, bags, towels, running shoes, water bottles, helmets, cycling shoes, bike tools, food - and more food. Let's get cozy!

Here's what we've got scheduled:

Thursday: 6:00pm they arrive (flying into Charlotte, renting van, driving down),
Unload at my house, go somewhere downtown for dinner.

Friday: 8:30am - 4000 meter swim at the Middle Tyger YMCA, from there we'll leave on our bikes for a 4 hour ride. Short brick run. Again somewhere downtown for dinner (no way will my kitchen accommodate 6 women after 6 hours of training... hum, that makes me wonder what restaurant will be able to handle us?!)

Saturday: Possibly watch the Road Race downtown in the am. Today will be all about climbing. We've got "Master Dustan" leading the way... 4 hours of suffering in the hills. Brick run. Shopping (including a stop at Run-In) Those left alive will eat... at this point, I might just go for an IV.

Sunday: 8:00am - long trail run (or walk/hike) on Paris Mountain. I did some reconnaissance on the trails last weekend (averaged 10:30 miles)... oh boy, after Friday and Saturday - this "run" could get nasty. Coffee at the Atlanta Bread Co. to follow. Then, we'll be swimming at the Middle Tyger Y at 1:00 that afternoon.

So, People of Greenville - Get Ready! Most of these girls have been cooped up for months: covered in snow, freezing in sub-0 temps, forced to complete 20 hr training weeks totally INSIDE... they are ready to hit the roads & trails.

If you happen to catch us out and about, just shout "HTFU"
Stories to follow, if I survive the weekend (and my house is still standing)


Sally said...

How FUN! I can not wait to hear the stories. Have fun. Hugs to all .... I'm wishing I was with you.
Love, Mom

Mendy said...

Sounds like a blast, except for all that training (j/k). Seriously, I bet you gals are going to have fun and train hard.

I hope they enjoy our weather down here. It's supposed to be nice in G-vegas (luv it). I'll be looking for stories next week!!

Beth said...

Can't wait to hear all the good stories!! And I might add, I think you are a brave soul allowing all these ladies into your home! :) Have fun and train hard!

Kenneth said...

i'll see you guys Saturday night hopefully!!!

Ashley said...

Kenneth - I thought you wanted one/some of the ladies to sleep at your place?! Oh well, guess we'll wait until Saturday ;) Great to see you today. I'm posting your running group "ad" tomorrow.

sunshine said...

Hey - ran across your blog. Sounds like such a fun time! Have a great time and can't wait to hear all the stories!

David said...

Thank goodness we have deadbolts on the house! Yikes, I'm scared of a flock of hard-core lady athletes HingTFU all over Greenville!

I hope we see you at RR this weekend, or out on the roads or whatever. I'll be sure to offer my support and approval.

Now go GET SOME!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!

BreeWee said...

You and your city are about to be destroyed! I have been to SC and I loved it, you are right, it is amazing! I think it might look like a hurricane it after your camp is over! Have so much fun, better find a pool, and please make Jen keep her clothes on for the photos! ha!
Train hard...