Wednesday, February 6, 2008

run, swim...

RIDE! Over the past few weekends, I’ve raced in a half marathon and a masters swim meet… this past weekend, it was time to get out on my bike. No, no cycling race – just a fun, long day of training (with some intervals thrown in for good measure).

Since we’ve been experiencing warmer-than-normal temperatures here in SC, I was able to ride in shorts – lighter weight gloves – no shoe covers… and I felt free. The bike felt amazing, my legs turned over with ease, I found myself smiling. I realized, again, how much I enjoy cycling. The time/miles passed quickly. Honestly, it felt so good that I tried to capture the moment: to create a memory I can recall once the intense, exhausted, hot, tired summer months kick in.

It was 74 degrees here yesterday. Today, the high is 73 (with rain – almost spring like). I ran in shorts/short sleeves… in the morning… on February 6th! Life is good. The weatherman tells me that the temps will fall back down (high 50’s), but for now… there is nothing to complain about.

Now, more on the topic of cycling:

I’m sure many of you also have coworkers who question your “outside-of-work habits”. The running into the office w/ wet hair & goggle marks, collection of water bottles on your desk, face pressed to the window on a sunny/warm day, closing your office door to stretch… not to mention everything that comes with difficult training days: limping down the hall, falling asleep on a conference call, running out the door at the end of the day – just so you can go get on your bike and ride until the sun goes down.

I know my coworkers think I’m a bit on the crazy side. As proof, I’ve compiled a short list of quotes from Rachel (our Healthcare Services Coordinator, who is from OH). After seeing a few triathlon race pictures, here are her comments:

- “Ashley, do you have a tattoo on your shoulder?!” (in the pic, you could only see part of my body-marked number)

- “swim?... what? You were swimming this morning? Wasn’t it cold?” (I then told her I was lap-swimming in an indoor pool) “oh, right… did you wear one of those rubber thingies on your head?”

- “My husband and I love to make fun of those people who ride their ‘serious’ bikes through our neighborhood. Where do you guys find such ugly, bright, tight fitting stuff to wear? Actually, it kinda makes sense that people in South Carolina would wear that… I mean, Nascar is huge. They wear ugly, bright, tight clothes to those races too.”

- “do you wear one of those sperm-hats when you ride your bike?” (referring to an aerodynamic race helmet)

- “Ashley – you’re just not right”

Some people will never understand the world of triathlon – and that’s ok.
Be crazy – train on!


Anonymous said...

BLAH! I am just jealous. We haven't seen the sun...oh wait...we have seen the sun 11 minutes since January 29th. I shouldn't get too greedy. T minus 20 days (Marit reminded me!) until we are IN YOUR HOOD!!!!! Sunshine abound! Jen :)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Sperm Hats??? No - my word for them is....


After the green goblin in Spiderman. When I first saw the movie, the thing that struck me the most was the shape of the dude's head: it looked just like all the snazzy aero helmets that athletes are now sporting. I held out for a few years before finally getting a green goblin of my very own.

Alicia Parr said...

Sperm hats. Awesome.

Sally said...

Keep talking with Rachel - she makes me laugh. Love to you, Rachel and all the MDA workers.

Courtenay said...

quotes from the uninitiated are the best...

i have a few gems from bike racers regarding try-ath-a-lon (what's with the extra syllable that always gets put in there?), my favourite is:

"so like, after you finish swimming, do you really quick change into your SKINSUIT and then get on your tt bike?"

i have found that triathlon is a bit easier to explain than bike racing though. swim bike run. there you go. bike racing it's like "well some races are only an hour in a downtown and others are long like 80 miles and then there are stage races but no i don't win i am a domestique and we have TTs too and ..." glazed eyes make me scramble for words and i fail.

i like your blog.