Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wilderness, Watch Out!

Here we come... I've planned an all girls camping outing for this Saturday night! The mountains are so close, but we never seem to take full advantage. So, we're doing it... packing up the gear, and heading to Jones Gap State Park. Only 25 miles from my house! *See pics for where we're going.

Using advise my mother gave me many, many years ago... I only invited FUN PEOPLE! A rule that has proven to be very valuable over the years. It's ended up to be a random group; many people will be meeting for the 1st time - but, it's a mix that will produce some hilarious stories!

Ana: Friend & college student. Just got back from studying abroad in Australia. Super smarty pants... studying something like aeronautical-bio-mechanical-genetic-engineering. Ran CC and Track in HS, which is how she knows Noel.

Noel: My roommate. Also an official smarty pants... currently working as a clinical research tech & studying for the MCAT, which she'll take in Sept. Awesome runner! Super nice. Enjoys Goldfish crackers and texting the Dr. in California.

Sarah K: My friend, G's wife, and mother of Cutie Pie Grace! VERY gifted in the art of interior design... seriously, I suggest inviting yourself to her home for a tour. Avid outdoors-woman, runner, swimmer, and Kayaker.

Sarah L: My lil sista. Coming all the way from Auburn, AL for the camping trip! I'm hoping that her boyfriend, Vaughn, has taught her how to fish like a pro. I mean, his name's not Vaughn Trout for nothing! Let's see the new skills Sarah ;) and ps... I'm already looking forward to hearing you laugh.

Sara W: My counterpart at the Muscular Dystrophy Association. She's pretty much the reason my job is fun. Multi talented... training for a marathon, cooks like a chef, mows her own lawn, goes antiquing & restores furniture (another member of the "my house looks like it could be in Southern Living Magazine" club), hosts amazing parties... there's nothing she can't do.

Caroline: My friend & Sara W's cousin. This girl is a Fashionista! You know the type... always wearing the latest trends, with super cute matching jewelry, and fantastic shoes... probably a matching purse too. Always looks great. Let's see what kind of outfits she puts together for a night in the woods?! No doubt, she'll have some sweet camouflage get up on... making the rest of us look like Pauletta Bunyan's.

Sally: My mom. Oh, what can I say. She's trying to get here via plane right now! Not the only mother in the group... but, will be the oldest. To make her feel better, lets call her "the most experienced." Even though she's got some years on the rest of us... I expect her to be the life of the party. fyi - she snores like a bear, so I say "not it" to having her in my tent ;)

We're waiting on last minute additions. Requirements to join this trip: must be a Girl, must be adventurous, must have comedic stories to share over the campfire, and must be FUN!


Anonymous said...

OH, Ashley, your mom was telling me about this at dinner the other night to celebrate KA's big birthday!! She was giddy with excitement! Sounds nice, actually even for me (Ms. Four Seasons!)...have fun!! I am sad I can't come down for SC 1/2 either. :) We'll get there though, I promise! Jenny :)

Sally said...

I love looking at the pictures they look like home. Here's the NC mountains. love mom