Friday, July 13, 2007

the little things...

Of course huge, exciting things make you smile (or scream, jump up and down, cry w/ joy, call yo mamma, sing... however you express personal happiness!). But, sometimes it's the little things that just make you feel good. Since it's Friday and I need help getting through the work day... I'm going to list my favorite "little things." Just thinking about 'em and typing the words kinda makes me feel good! Hopefully, you'll enjoy reading... my list of little happy things
  • having a full tank of gas
  • receiving something other than bills/junk in the mail
  • finishing a tough work-out... one that was mentally & physically challenging
  • standing under a COLD shower after running in HOT weather
  • standing under a HOT shower after training in COLD weather
  • driving while listening to a new CD
  • Noel always having goldfish crackers when I'm hungry
  • popcicles (new pineapple flavor)
  • sleeping on fresh sheets
  • eating at MOE's
  • running with new tunes on my iPod
  • laughing so hard my stomach hurts and tears are streaming down my face
  • looking at pictures of my best friend's new baby, Ava!
  • shopping at Target
  • feeling sunshine on my skin
  • Peter making coffee, espresso, cappuccino, mocha chino, or chai latte (all sooo good)
  • curling up in bed when it's raining
  • watching people perform on the tv show: So You Think You Can Dance
  • coffee, ice cream... or coffee flavored ice cream
  • looking forward to a fun trip/vacation
  • a nice, long hug
  • looking at pictures from a fun event
  • sitting down after really cleaning my house, admiring the sparkle & shine!
  • watching the colors change in Fall
  • being in the lake, on a boat
  • getting into a good book
  • bonfires - making s'mores
  • having all the laundry put away
  • chocolate chip pancakes (especially if they're made by Dad!)
  • crossing things off my TO DO list
  • road trips
  • floating down the Current River on a HOT, sunny day
  • Artic Shatter flavored Powerade
  • finding something I thought I'd lost
  • free samples (of something I'll use)
  • PB&J
  • Pretty Woman coming on tv (I'll watch it every time)
  • double sided tape
  • getting my hair cut (well.... having someone else wash my hair)
  • calling Mom... she always answers the phone with an enthusiastic HEY!
  • enjoying a gorgeous view of the mountains, ocean, sunrise, sunset, city lit up at night...
  • getting a massage
  • text messaging
  • the theme song for the Olympics
  • hearing my sister, Sarah, LAUGH
  • seeing a new movie at the theater
  • flying somewhere, anywhere
  • sitting with my family in my parent's living room (in our assigned seats... you guys know the spots... even better with a fire in the winter)
  • remembering life is GOOD... I am so lucky!


Sally said...

So true! Thank you. Just reading these make me feel good. Thank you for the smile and happy feeling. xoxoxo Mom.... yes I'm in my assigned seat right now. love you Honey.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and hugs from friends!