Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My friends are WINNERS!

AG Nationals...
YEAH! Congrats! Job Well Done!

Way to ROCK Oregon. I am so proud of you all, wish I could have been there too! From reading all the race reports, which I have enjoyed, it sounds like an amazing trip.

MOM!!!! Wowza! Having not run since May 20th... honestly, I was a bit worried about you. But, 4th place AG finish?! (you must have a pretty good coach, love ya Karyn!) Fantastic. You are such an inspiration. I wish you could see the reactions I get when I tell my friends you race tri's... and then the jaw drop when I mention your results at Nationals! I just love bragging about you.

JEN H!!!! You made it w/out Jerome!! Good for you ;) AWESOME race, especially coming off Eagleman. Dang woman. So glad to hear (read) your excitement about the race... and how good you felt during/after. You are such an AWESOME competitor.

ELIZABETH!!!! Same goes for you coming off Eagleman... what kind of drugs are you two on?! And, where can I get some? Hummm, you both raced Eagleman... you both scored a 1st... you're both from Illinois... you traveled together to Nationals... and both got 6th?! This seems very coincidental, and I'd like to jump on the bandwagon please!! Way to go chica. Congrats to Chris as well.

ALICIA!!! Thanks for bringin' it home to the SOUTH! I do love Illinois, and the people there, but someone's gotta represent! Sounds like you had an amazing day. Great Race!

EXCELLENT... I love having such FAST FRIENDS!


Elizabeth Fedofsky said...

Your mom is hilarious. Beer on the rocks. Watered down. Makes me feel not so bad for putting red wine on ice.......

Sally said...

Ashley - let's plan on going together next year! Our friends are GREAT - and so much fun. Elizabeth ... if you bring the wine, I'll bring the ice! Great seeing ya'll.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ok, ok!!! I loved seeing everyone at NATS..where the heck were you Ms. Long!!??? Yep! Sally, loved seeing you, of course. We needed Austin out there! :) Thanks Ash.