Thursday, July 5, 2007

No, no... this is CRAZY

Are you guys ready to hear about something totally insane?! Here it is: the Gigathlon.

As triathletes, we're often accused of having a screw (or 2) loose. I know you get the same questions:
"you're going to ride your bicycle how far?!"
"why would you want to run right when you get done riding your bike?!"
"can't you just skip it today and come to happy hour?"
"why is your hair wet when you get to work every day?"
"do you regularly lay-out in shorts... what's up with your tan lines?"
etc.... etc...

Well, my tri-friends, let me provide you with new ammo to combat these inquiries:

"At least I don't race Gigathlons!"

I dropped Peter off at the airport on Wednesday morning. He was flying to Switzerland to act as support crew/coach for his athlete, Shanna Armstrong. Tomorrow, this crazy lady will begin 7 days of straight-up insanity. She's won Ultraman (3 times), solo RAAM (twice), done every tri distance... so I guess, she found a new challenge. But, really... this one seems over the top. She has bigger kahunas than me, for sure.

Sitting at the computer, when Peter opened the event website (here), it was one of those - eyes WIDENING... jaw DROPPING... "holy $#!t" moments. Just reading the daily distances / elevation changes was enough to make me bonk. Seriously, a clif shot was needed to get through the online race description.

7 Days -- 5 disciples EACH day (run, swim, mountain bike, road bike, inline skate) -- 1,432 km total (shortest day = 150 km... longest day = 237 km). And... it all starts with a 12.5 km swim on day 1. See daily schedule here.

Shanna, to you I say GOOD LUCK! We're all pulling for you. Just keep this in mind: When you have triathletes calling you totally NUTS, you are for sure CRAZY.

Peter, have fun in Switzerland. Hello to your dad, Jiri!

Some pics from the Race Course (at least it's scenic):

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Sally said...

What a challenge! The scenery looks so beautiful. All the best on a great race S & P . Mom.