Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shout Outs

This week has been a bit crazy... I can't believe Wednesday is almost over! So I did a race on Sunday, and I'm about halfway done with the way-too-detailed race report (you'd think I was writing about IM Hawaii or something). The short of it is that I placed 3rd Elite Female (but, 4th OA female... Gail, who got 2nd, wasn't in the elite division). Because I didn't know this, I took my sweet time at the campground showers... missing the awards.

While you're anxiously awaiting the Awesome Festival of Flowers race report... I'd like to make a few Shout Outs to some great spots:

The Publix Supermarket on Pelham Rd.

I love this grocery store. I can go on my lunch break, it overlooks the mountains, it has a great selection, fair prices, it's not crowded, and the employees are SUPER friendly. Here's to my #1 cashier: Harold... who always gives me the Senior Citizen discount!

Upstate Fitness on Washington St.
Thanks for the run Doug! Yesterday there was a mad storm (with hail even). I was NOT interested in running outside... and well, my friend Kate was working out w/ Doug (her trainer)... when I came in to say hello, he offered the use of his treadmill. The gym is fantastic! A++ on your bathroom and shower facilities.

Spill the Beans on W. Main St.
Coffee and Ice cream at the same location... 'nuff said. This place rocks my world.

Run In on Augusta St.
Experts on running shoes... and good friends! Sometimes I just go to hang out.

on Augusta St. (well there are more locations)
"Welcome to Moe's!" It's a friendly greeting each time you walk through the door. Then, they give you a burrito... does it get any better?! Yes it does, they serve beer!

Kate's Apartment... a few blocks away from my house
There's nothing better than hanging out in the swamp (he he... Kate, it's always good times)

Sugar Mill Pool - In Kate's old 'hood
Going to the SMP is like a little vacation... only it's free. Bring on the sunshine!

That's all for now. I'll have more shout outs in the future


Sally said...

Great reminders of why I love Greenville ! love Mom

Sara said...

wow! that is a bee-yoo-ti-ful red explorer in front of the Publix! someone really cool must have given you a ride. ;)