Monday, June 18, 2007

cell phone suicide

In case you've tried to call me... I'm posting this message. My cell phone committed suicide yesterday around 11am. While I was visiting with my Granny, it jumped from a table right onto the hard, cold tile floor.

An ugly sight indeed... the poor body instantly severed into 2 pieces. I think it was a quick death, painless.

A replacement is on the way... but, I don't think this new cell phone can match up. I had things stored in the memory: pictures, friends singing songs... and IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS.

The Verizon geek told me they probably won't be able to retrieve the contact list. I might have to send out a request for you to fwd your #. But, I'll do my best to avoid that.

When the transfer process is complete... I'm burring the powerless phone pieces with Peter's old bike components. It will be a sad ceremony.

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