Friday, June 8, 2007

baby news!

E.F. brought it up in a blog last week: baby showers. Yes, my friends are popping all over the place, and I’m ecstatic for them. I love babies, and I love it even more when close friends have babies… it’s like having a friend with a pool, you get to enjoy it without all the upkeep. Let them worry about cleaning it, keeping it full, and checking chemical levels (both pool and baby).

So, let’s all share in the excitement and CELEBRATE… Peter had a baby! The stork (aka: FedEX delivery person), delivered the baby frame Thursday - June 7, 2007. It’s a 3.3 pound, beautiful Beyond Fabrications Blink Carbon TT. Both Peter and Baby Fab are doing well.

As eager as Peter is about this new bundle of joy, he’s already worried about the heavy expenses coupled with raising a young bike. Such demanding children! On top of depleting your time and energy… they require pricey accessories to simply function. And we all want to be good parents, right?! You can’t get your kids the generic brands… they’ll be made fun of! (Kids can be cruel, but they’re nothing compared to tri-snobs)

Here’s my idea: to those of you who have been invited to, purchased gifts for, and attended numerous baby showers over the years… now, it’s YOUR turn. I don’t care if you’re not pregnant. I’m sure some of you treated your bike shipment date like a due date… highlighting the day, crossing off the squares on your calendar, preparing a spot in your garage (or bedroom, if you’re one of those people), expanding your insurance coverage, priming the other bikes to accept a new family member, dreaming of fun trips you’ll take together, worrying you’ll fail to live up to the hefty expectations… and there’s always the fear that it’ll arrive with birth defects contracted during delivery.

Peter, I say - start registering for gifts now. I’ll plan the shower. You and the Newborn deserve a fabulous party. Just imagine the response you’ll get upon calling Campagnolo… asking to set up a baby shower gift registry. I KNOW some of you are nodding your heads in agreement right now. You don’t have to tell me how awesome this idea is!

We can throw the celebration in your garage. Instead of Name and Guest, invitations will say Name and Bike. Appropriate attire will include lycra, polyester, and spandex… even for the Men. We’ll have a fully stocked electrolyte bar: maybe we’ll get fancy with mixed drinks… hum, “I’ll have a Powertini please, shaken – not stirred.” Maybe we’ll even do some Clif Shots?! Only the finest energy bars will be served. Can you picture a 3 tiered bagel & peanut butter cake… lightly drizzled with chocolate gel?

Once the party starts rockin’… I say we get down and dirty with group stretching. I’ll try my best, but it’s hard to control drug use during such crazy raves. No dealing EPO here please! If you’re into games, we could play an all-time favorite like, “Who can Change Their Flat Fastest?!” Or, a little “Spin the Crankset” perhaps… for those of you on the wild side? Did I mention this is a Saturday morning affair, set to start at 7:00 am? Well, after the festivities begin to wind down, we’ll set out for a group ride!

If this party sounds awesome to you… here’s your sign: You’re a TRI GEEK.

Peter, Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I hope you and Baby Fab have a wonderful and FAST life together. There will be many ups and downs (well, hills and descents), challenges (all out efforts)… these relationships are never easy. But, you’ll be there for each other through high winds, steep climbs, long rides, hot days, tough races… and you’ll make each other stronger. RIDE ON!

Thanks Beyond Fabrications!


Sally said...

This is so funny ... it ouught to go in Tri magazines and websites ! Love the idea .... I'm thinking my gift might be a special embroidered baby.... I mean bike blankets! love you ... keep un coming and if Peter needs a sitter I'll volunteer! xoxox Mom

Katie said...

Awesome Idea! Where is he registered?

I guess I am a tri geek!