Wednesday, June 27, 2007

M. Nature (2) - Me (2)

Mother Nature is relentless! This battle has become a WAR. Once again... Monday, the weather was ideal during work hours. Then, like clockwork, storms rolled in as I rolled out of the office. Because this has become such a regular occurrence, I've stopped screaming and waving my fist at the sky. My mind was already trying to come up with a counter attack plan.

Swim. Going to the pool is to a triathlete --- What going to the movie theater is to most other people. A good rainy day activity. An escape from the crummy, dark, windy, STORMS!

Unfortunately, She won this one.

The INDOOR POOL WAS CLOSED DUE TO BAD WEATHER!!! Let me repeat the word: Indoor. Who knew?! Evidently, someone... somewhere was struck while swimming inside. I begin picturing an idiot standing in the water, holding a metal pole into the air. Was it a bad joke, did his "friends" say it was the new metallic noodle?!

Then, somewhere between the pool and my house... I realized just how BAD the storm was getting. No chance Noel and I would be running in this one. It was the kind of rain that comes down so hard, you could shower in it. The huge, wet drops that result in the oh-so-attractive drowned rat look. High winds, super dark skies. Living in Illinois... this is when you hunker down for tornadoes.

In about 5 bounding steps, I made it from my car to the back door. Hanging my soggy head in defeat, I went inside. Of course, I tracked mud into the house. Idea! Clean up the neglected house, tackle chores I've been putting off, do some laundry, clean out the fridge...

After a tough weekend (Saturday: 70 mile ride with 30 miles of 3 hard, 2 recover... 3 mile brick run. Sunday: 12 mile run). I'm sure my legs could use a break anyway.

So I did it. Blasted some good music (Gypsy Kings), and broke out the cleaning supplies. Scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors. Did loads of laundry. Rearranged my closet. Put away things that have an assigned storage space, but always seem to be laying out. Made a trip to Home Depot... bought and installed a new toilet seat (does it get any better?!) Sprayed the house for bugs (yes, this is an old home... and with the feet of rain we've been getting, I think they're looking for dry land). Trashed old food - leaving my fridge with ketchup, various salad dressings, 1/2 bottle of white wine, some sandwich meat, and lemon juice.

So, Mother Nature may have canceled my workout... but, the rain did not keep me down. Now, Please please please can we have an evening clear of rain! Thank you.

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