Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can't race, Dance instead!

Great Job to all who raced over the weekend in Portland (USAT Nationals)!

Crashing, undergoing surgery, and learning it would be 8 weeks before my arm would be reaching over my head... has changed my way of life, significantly. I've experienced the full range of emotions: shock, fear, pain, gratefulness, disappointment, frustration, amazement (with an out pouring of love/support from friends & family), discovery, desire, motivation (to return to all activity) - it's been a roller coaster.

Well, not being able to race in Portland opened my schedule to attend a wedding in Charleston, SC. My good friends, Kate & Hans, got married in true Southern Style on Saturday. Kate and my cousin, Lea, have been best friends since birth (which is how I got to know Kate). Lea made a gorgeous Maid of Honor... and I must say that even though I was sporting a sling (which I made sure matched my dress - actually, I thought about dressing-up the Ultra Sling II with some jewels or pearls) Lea and I were the Life of the Party.

Not being at the race was tough - but, what a fun substitute!! I'm so glad I got to be at this wedding.
- Kate & Hans: Congrats! Enjoy the Honeymoon. I enjoyed every second in Charleston, everything was perfect.
- Lea: Thanks for hosting me... and helping me get dressed ;) xxxooo
- Mary Elizabeth: if you're reading this - So exciting to meet a new triathlete! Keep in touch.

Some pictures from the weekend:

Lea & Ashley (cousins: before going crazy on the dance floor)Woohoo.... Twins! Hi Reed.

Not the only injured party person :)

And the dancing begins....

Even if you can't race.... you can still find a way to Dance!


Train-This said...

you look gorgeous!!!! how on earth did you do your hair!

Sally said...

Kate and Hans are a beautiful couple .... as are you and Lea. And yes ... ya'll do like you added quite a bit of entertainment to an elegant wedding. I'm so gald you were able to go and be with Lea, Kate and Hans. with love, Mom

Eric said...

You look spectacular!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Beautiful!!! You look fantastic - and what a beautiful wedding! Way to keep positive and find the silver lining. :)

Eileen Swanson said...

Super fun pics! So glad you are feeling better and you look great!


Damie said...

I love the matching sling. yes, keep dancing, girl! And, being the cheerleader that you are, I am sure you are watching a lot of SEC football this time of year too!

sunshine said...

You look great, chica. And, what a beautiful wedding spot! Looks like you're doing well and yay for finding "the bright side" to all things!

rr said...

What a beautiful wedding! It looks like one with Ben Affleck and ummmm Sandra Bullock? Gorgeous!

Hope you're continuing to heal fast!!

Laura said...

Hey Ashley. I can't remember if I've commented on your blog before, but I found you through Damie and a few others.

I just have to say I love this post! So glad to see you are having fun and making the best of having an injury - using your time off to spend time with friends! :) It looks like you all had SO much fun! Here's to getting better soon!!!

Mendy said...

Girl, you look FANTASTIC and I could barely see the sling with that purty dress! Love the attitude as always, and what a great way to substitute the weekend of nationals. I'm glad you had a great time and the pictures are gorgeous. Big congrats to your friends.

BTW, I'm taking your advice for my shins. I plan on being back running very shortly. :-) As, I'm sure - you are too! You'll be back soon!