Monday, October 6, 2008

look Ma, TWO hands

The rumors are true... I broke up with the Ultra Sling II! I'm not fully functional yet, but being able to use both hands is a GIFT. I go back to the doctor on Thursday - if he really wants to be my Best Friend, he'll clear me for running.

Here's a short list of things I can finally do again (once taken for granted):
- put hair in ponytail
- apply deodorant
- type with 10 fingers (or 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, whatever)
- tie my own shoes
- sleep in my bed (I was on the couch for weeks)
- wear tops that go over my head
- interact in public w/out the "what the heck happened to you" stare

I tried to make the best of my sling-time. I've spent way too many hours on the indoor spin bike, done intervals on a recumbent bike, walked miles and miles and miles around Greenville, performed lunges up and down the bike paths (there's one way to elicit strange looks: try forward, reverse, or side lunges while dripping sweat and wearing a huge black sling)...

The sling and I had some good times. It was actually a great, medically prescribed, fanny pack. My cell phone hooked nicely to the waist strap; and the arm cradle held my iPod, camera, money, small snacks ;)This provided a good opportunity to take pictures of my favorite running route. Fyi: walking 8 miles while frequently stopping to take pictures is one way to eat up an afternoon. So, enjoy my Tour de Greenville. Cross your fingers for a clean bill of clavicle health on Thursday!

Making my way down to Cleveland Park
Eagle Trail (just under a mile, but a fun way to go through the park)
One of many playgrounds in Cleveland Park
The new "Swamp Rabbit Trail" -- offers both asphalt and track surface"Canine Corner" -- Dog Park Cleveland Park
Cleveland Park often becomes the Cleveland Crit... cycling groups morning, noon, and night!McDaniel Ave... memories of running with Gail - hey girl, do you remember that day of hill training? I award this place (on McDaniel Ave) the "Most Gorgeous Front Yard":
One of the largest magnolia trees I've ever seen:
At the top of McDaniel... RUN IN!! WooHOOMe & my favorite Shoe Nazi: Bea :)
Along the path from Cleveland Park to Falls Park
Downtown's beautiful Falls Park and Suspension Bridge
Looking down Main Street I've run along Main St. so many times, never stopping to read the quotes along the sidewalk. Well, on a walk... you can stop and smell the roses - or read the words beneath your feet:
"Adversity introduces a man to himself"
"When one door closes another door opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us"
"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within"
"Our bodies are where we stay, Our souls are what we are" Kids art project on a side streetFinally, almost there... you can see Paris Mtn from my street!
Now, I can't wait until these sights fly by as I run along...
I love Greenville - who wants to visit?!


BriGaal said...

Me! Me! Greenville looks awesome!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Me! Me! Pick me! Hooray that you got the brace off! That's awesome! So happy to hear that you're doing better and better. Love the quotes - the views are stunning!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah baby...I am there ... just 3-4 more months! ha. SOOO glad your arm is doing better! thank god. Jen H. :)

Sally said...

Ashley, I love seeing the pictures of Cleveland Park and downtown. with love,

Train-This said...


Carolina John said...

Great pics. it's always good to see the town from another perspective. And I haven't been through cleveland park in forever.

Good luck with the doctor, I hope everything gets cleared.

Lindsay said...

Ash, I'm so glad you're healing well (slowly but surely). The pictures are beautiful... we'll have to start thinking about another visit :)

Eileen Swanson said...

cool pics, really beautiful!! so glad you are healing up....i'll definitely be praying for a clean bill of health from the docs.

keep up the great attitude ;-)


Danielle said...

I broke my leg and spent nearly six months in the "Pacesetter II". Where do they come up with these names? After countless times of jumping down my stairs (with a baggy on my back knocking me on the back on the head with whatever I wanted to bring downstairs!) and sitting on my butt scooting up them, I was SO thankful to WALK up the stairs holding a bottle of water! I feel ya!

Marni said...

I love the pictures!!!