Monday, September 15, 2008


I have NO idea how I'd be making it right now without my family and amazing network of friends?! My sister has straightened my hair a few times (to make me look human), my Mom helps me change after a shower (and is still pouring chocolate milk down my throat), and my Dad has helped me tie my shoes (he's even pulled my hair into a ponytail... I was beautiful ;)

I can't thank you all enough:

- Kat & Nicole for our recovery party... even though 'Superbad' made me laugh so hard it sent shooting pains through my chest. (I didn't get the pink tee memo)

- Gail & Rick for the gift bag. And for the killer group workouts (stationary bike and long walks)
- Gman & Janis for taking me out for pizza! And baking cookies.
- Mendy, David & Grace for the surprise visit... including M&M's and balloons (sponge Bob and 'Way To Go')
- Matt for delivering calcium pills, and lunch at Chicora!
- Russell and Kenneth... both for stopping by and making me smile
- Mike for sending great reading material
- Kate for coming over just for a walk
- Jen, Kat, Marit, Andrew, Nicole, Lindsay, Kimberley, Bea -- all for calling to check in!
- John for asking ?'s which keep me focused on why I love racing/training
- Thank you EVERYONE for the comments, emails, text messages, emails. Each has brought a huge smile to my face.

My last visit to the doctor wasn't great... bones aren't healing very fast or straight. Will continue to sport this sling for 2 more weeks. Might be raising my arm in 5 or 6. Ugh, enough of that talk.

My time is spent simply doing things... you'd think that with only one arm, you'd take twice as long to do something - HA, not the case. In fact, it takes four times as long. I have become clumsy and frustrated. The one handed typing is enough to drive anyone crazy!

I have made it back to the gym for time on the stationary bike (going from upright to recumbent and back). I also spend time walking - it gets me outside, moving, sweating (still getting in the 90's here). Unfortunately, walking w/ the sling pulls my back all out of whack & I don't know if its helping bone growth? Oh well - I'll go nuts cooped up inside!

Missing Nationals next weekend is a bummer. Jen had me ready - mentally and physically. Well JH, to you I send the energy I had stored up for that race ;) Use it for me! Good luck to everyone traveling to Portland!!

Instead of heading West - I'll go to a wedding in Charleston. My good friends Kate & Hans are getting married on Saturday. Congrats you guys... So happy I'll be there to share in you special day!

Also.... Big SHOUT OUT for the GEORGIA BULLDOGS!!!
Off to a Great Season. The South Carolina game was tough to watch (ugly plays and dropped passes had me in extra pain as I tensed up the arm), by my Dawgs found a way to pull out a Victory.


Beth said...

Your Dawgs sure are beating up on everyone!!

Hang in there Ashley!! That is such dumb advice...but unfortunately the only thing I can think of. :) Either way, I'm sending many bone healing thoughts and hoping it won't be much longer for you. And I must say - for only typing with one hand you do amazingly well with no mistakes!! :)

Sally said...

I love Beth's 'bone healing' thoughts! While I know it's harder and takes longer to blog - Thank YOU. I miss it when you don't blog. AND I wish you were up here in the mountains with us. Lots of love. Mom

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Ashley - My South Carolina Soul Sister - you are SO BRAVE! Incredible, Strong, Beautiful, Talented, and many many many other traits. This is only one small bump in the road... as each day passes, you get one day closer to recovery! And that is something to celebrate! I'm sending you lots of good vibes AND bone healing thoughts. :)

Don't beat yourself up - be patient with the process... it'll work out in the end. I KNOW it will!!!

Carolina John said...

I hope you feel better soon, it's never fun to be in recovery.

As an IT guy in greenville, I have to tell you about the Frog. the frog is a one handed keyboard designed to be used with your left hand so that you never have to take your right hand off of the mouse. it's nice and compact, and might help you out during your one-handed time.

You be back training in no time flat! take care.

Anonymous said...

BOO HOOOOOO --I will miss you this weekend. But, ENJOY the weather and get that dumb collerbone healed up, Ashley! xo
Jen H.

Kellye Mills said...

Ashley... I'm so sorry for all of this! I really hope you start feeling better as soon as possible. I'll be sending you good, happy vibes!

David said...

What up, Long? It was absolutely our pleasure to try and cheer you up. And I'm glad the bike wasn't messed up. Oh, and you are fine (besides the break) also!

I know you are doing it already, but rest and heal. It's great your sis is there to help, and I'm sure mom and dad will drop by all the time to assist. Looking forward to the comeback tour!

BTW, let me know when you get down here to Charleston. I'll be here at least until Fri.

Mendy said...

Enjoyed seeing you the other day. Glad you seem up in spirits although I know it can be depressing, and life-changing (due to having to sit around most of the time), but it seems like you are trying to make the best out of it going for walks and the gym. You will be back way before anyone expects you to.

Hang in there, and I meant it when I said give me a call if you need anything. Have a great time in Charleston!

Eileen Swanson said...

Ashley, hang in there. You have so much amazing support! I am thinking about you and hope you heal fast!! Yay for your DAWGS ;-) Boo to my Bruins start, HA ;-)


Meredith said...

Ashley, you have a great attitude....Glad you are able to do the recumbent, I imagine that's at least keeping you sane, huh!?!? heehehehehe.....Friends are have a lot too so that's great!! :)

sunshine said...

Hey, chica. So glad you have such wonderful friends and family to be with you! I'd bring M&M's if I were closer. :)