Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"to blog" list

I've fallen behind. It seems like things keep happening, and I want to write about them all... and then I realize I've not even posted the Gulf Coast race report. So, to get organized, here is the list of blog topics I plan to cover in coming posts:
  • Gulf Coast 1/2 IM
  • Lake Murray Sprint Tri (including funny antidotes about the trip there/back with Nicole, Tracy, and Jeff... and running with Kat Welling, the Sam McGlone look-alike)
  • My sister, Sarah, coming to town for a quick visit (she had a job interview, we swam LCM together... where she kicked my butt, and then she took me grocery shopping for my birthday)
  • Matt and the horrific bike pile-up at Donaldson (he suffered multiple broken bones and is having a tough time with recovery)
  • A response to Jen Harrison's "race rituals" post
  • Cheerleading as it compares to triathlon training and racing (yes, there are similarities believe it or not... and it's not just the spandex)
  • Stories about things that happened in my life, pre-blog. Stuff you bloggers would get a good chuckle over.

I'll do my best to detail them all.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day is great and enjoy the 28s of the workout! :)) Jen H.
PS and chocolate after workout!

Sally said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY dear Ashley Happy Birthday to you!


love Mom, Dad & Sarah

Sally said...

Can't wait to read the up coming post. I really liked the 'promo - blog' it's got me sitting on the edge of my seat.

Mendy said...

So looking forward to all the updates! I'll keep pestering you if you don't get them up soon. j/k :-)

I need to find the time to update mine too. Too much going on, but I'd rather read ya'll's blogs than to write.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY youngster!!!

You'll have to keep us posted on how Matt is. I just IM'ed David about him. I hope he's okay.

David said...


That's a Happy Birthday for our favorite HTFUer! :-)

Hope Matt's recovering, and I hate to hear about the wreck. Sounds like it might throw him out of Mt Mitchell training.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ashley! Surprises on the way.... ;)

Don't worry about the blogging - when it happens it happens. And we love you anyway!

Oh my God - I didn't realize that Matt crashed.... where is he? I'm thinking about him.....

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi Ash, when was your B-day? HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! Hope you had an awesome one....Can't wait to read about all your adventures.