Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LPond Pics

Mendy, thank you so much for taking/sending these race pics! I even remember running by y'all after the swim, hearing Grace cheer - that explains the smile (well, that and the fact that the swim was over)
Hey G-man, Katie... what are we doing hanging out in the back? ;)


Katie said...

Love that last picture of you running and all the shots of us standing around in the rain!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

You look FIERCE! Roar!

Great pictures - I'll take plenty this weekend... :)

Mendy said...

I sent you the small ones. Didn't realize it until today. I went back and got bigger ones from my friend that took them all for me. Sorry for that... I'll forward them to you. :-)

nicole said...

LOVE IT! the pics are great, the one showing your last name is the best! shoot me an email when you get a chance, nramsbey@palmettobank.com

i can't find your email anywhere!