Sunday, May 18, 2008

MDA results

Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in, sponsored, volunteered at, and supported our Stride & Ride 5K yesterday.

The weather was perfect and everything seemed to go smoothly. Thanks, in part to the beautiful morning, we had many day of registrants: taking us over the 300 mark!
Set Up Events did a fantastic job with chip timing and providing a great start/finish inflatable arch. Citgo/Corner Mart, our title sponsor, helped with everything from water stations to registration to awards... Chick-fil-A donated hundreds upon hundreds of chicken biscuits, Starbucks gave coffee. Huge thanks to Matt & the Greenville Federal Credit Union (even though he suffered a bike wreck on Tuesday: broken ribs and clavicle, he was still there helping)! Forrest (a tri friend of mine) was nice enough to deliver boxes of Powerbars - thank you.

I also want to congratulate the GIRLS ON THE RUN participants and their families. We were so lucky to host about 120 young girls who had been training for this 5K. I was almost moved to tears as I watched them cross the finish line - arms raised, huge smiles, goals achieved. Many of the girls did the race with their parents and siblings... CHEERS to the parents encouraging and motivating their daughters to get out and run. It was inspiring to watch.

With all the GOTR... I had to laugh in looking over the results. When is the last time you saw a race who's largest finishing age group was 10 and under?! AND our female participants out numbered the males 2 to 1!! Girl Power.

Speaking of the results, they can be found here:


After everything was taken care of for work, I myself ran the course for a quick workout. From there, I booked home to get things ready for the Lake Murray Sprint Tri. Much more on this later.

Let's just say that after doing a 1/2 IM (over 600 miles away) last weekend, and directing a 5K on Saturday... I didn't know if I had a sprint triathlon in me. My mind went back and forth. I wasn't going to go - then I thought I should - then I thought about taking a nap - then Nicole called to see if I was still going down to Columbia with her - then I realized my race wheels were still on my bike (heck, my transition back was basically still packed).... so, I HTFU'd and got going.

It ended up hurting, bad. I suffered today - and thought about my disappointing Gulf Coast run. Which might have given me that extra Oomph on the bike. I was somehow able to pull out a win in the elite/open division.

So, there you have it. An exhausting/successful/rewarding weekend. And now, I am going to take that nap.


KC said...

Ash you did great!!!!

sunshine said...

Holy cow! Great race, directed a 5K... taking over the world next on the agenda!?!? :)

Mendy said...

Wow, girl!!! Amazing. I didn't know you pulled a win. You just day after day amaze me. Great job on directing the 5K race. I sooooo wanted to be there, but just couldn't get out of drill. I wish I had some time to dedicate to the GOTR organization. Maybe will wait until Grace is that age, and then I'll help with it. They are a bunch of amazing girls! I wish I had started something like this at that age.