Sunday, October 14, 2007

SC Half RR

I am very sorry to make you look at those race pics for so long. Don't worry... I'm alive and well. It's been a crazy week (post to explain that soon) and I've been unable to sit down and compose a race report. Well, now that you're familiar with what I was wearing during the SC Half, he he, let me tell you how the day unfolded:

The half was a Sunday race... so nice to have all day Saturday for preparation / eating / relaxing / packing / etc... I did a short run on Saturday morning then tested out my bike. Everything felt smooth. I carried my water bottle around all day like a kid with a security blanket. Spent more time analyzing what went into my transition bag. This was my first half... and the first time I needed to think about race nutrition. Here's where the nerves set in. Olympic dist is mentally easy - a water bottle for the bike, and you're set. For this race, I really did put thought into calories, hydration, timing, blah blah.

Peter's friend, Frank, had come up from Florida for the race. The 3 of us had fun catching up and listening to his stories about crewing for a guy during Badwater (134 mile non-stop running race). Frank is trying to qualify for this insanity in '09. Oh Frank...

That night, my mind was spinning with thoughts about the race. I was excited to try this distance, but I was so nervous at the same time.

Race morning had all the usual components: EARLY wake-up call, coffee, nerves, oatmeal, Peter's techno music. Frank, Peter, and I packed into Frank's truck and we were off to Greenwood. What a way to drive to a race in G'wood.... the 3 of us all cozy on the bench seat like true rednecks. Peter was driving, I was in the middle, and Frank was nodding off to my right.

Somewhere along the way, after we had turned off the interstate, I noticed movement on the left side of the road. I turned my head to look out the window... and stared into the eye of a deer (note: we were going about 70 mph, this all happened in a split second). Peter and I both let out a yell. Ok, maybe I screamed like a girl. That damn deer almost ran straight into the side of the truck! Frank slept through the whole thing.

We finally arrived at G'wood state park (again cutting it much too close to the start for my liking). With Fall creeping in, we had to unpack and get bikes together in the dark. To you people with your head-lamps, great idea. I threw my bag on my back, and we peddled toward registration. The line to get your race packet was a bit longer than usual... an indication that this race hosted a sizable crowd.

To be Continued......


Sally said...

Great to see you back ... now I'm sitting on the edge of the sofa anxiously awaiting for the race .... okay to survived the deer .... made it once again to the race just in time .... and .... please go on.


Anonymous said...

Ok, get your arse moving with part 2, LONG.

Sally said...

you must be busy. love you!!!! Mom