Monday, October 1, 2007

Matching Bronze

Peter, Dean & Ashley

The G'ville Ladies... Ashley & Kimberly

Due to the aforementioned workload... I can't write a detailed race report. However, for those of you who asked about the SC 1/2 Ironman: it went great! Peter and I left with matching 3rd place trophies. I'm so glad to have that race distance under my belt... and by placing 3rd OA female in my first 1/2 IM, I surpassed even my own expectations.

Things to anticipate in the report:
  • almost hitting a deer on the way to the race
  • once again failing to stay on course in Lake Greenwood (see Festival of Flowers race report)
  • being stopped TWICE by a volunteer kayaker (not because I was off course... although, I really could have used the assistance THEN?! No, this volunteer wanted me to go back and around the right side of the straight away buoys. Luckily, I know my rules... straight away buoys are for sighting. You ONLY have to go to the right of the TURN buoys!)
  • taking 2:19 in transition #1... yes, that's right. Problems stripping the wetsuit, getting cycling gloves on, socks, shoes, sunglasses, helmet... lipstick, hair touch up, sunscreen... then, a cup of coffee... signed a few autographs, posed for pictures... HA.
  • throwing up during my ride... twice. Yum.
  • feeling good on the run... but, having a conversation aloud with my quads. "please don't cramp. I can tell you're thinking about it. If you don't cramp, I promise you a nice long massage."
  • cramping immediately upon crossing the finish line.
  • having fun in the medical tent... treating dehydration (IV) and inner leg chaffing. The doc made me dress my own wounds... I think he was scared to put his hands between my legs ;)
  • Having fun catching up with friends after we all finished: CONGRATS to Jay, Kimberly, Dean, Aubrey, Frank, Peter... it was a great day for ALL.
  • Thanks to Sarah & G for the champagne! What a nice post-race surprise!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Again ASHLEY! (And peter!)....ok, what the **#&# is up with that article??? At the end of the article the writer thought he should mention the WOMEN!???!!! Ok.....:) :) Jenny

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! Wow - I am so impressed but not surprised - congrats on your big race and for coming in 3rd! You're an inspiration!
Can't wait to read the full race report!
PS - I agree with jenny - the top 3 girls should have had their pic in the paper too :)

Sally said...

Congratulations Honey.... what a great race. I know how much you trained, prepared and planned for it. And all it payed off. There are always lessons learned everything we go out and race. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a hug and kiss from me and then ...take the lessons learned and use them next time. Congratulations on a GREAT, really great first half ironman. We love you, Mom xxoxoxo

Sally said...

ooopps in my earlier response i sounded like I was telling you what to do or how to do it .... reminder to self .... Sally you've never done a half IM .... way to go Ashley. xoxo Mom