Thursday, August 7, 2008

who's HOT?

Recently, Bree posted something about tan lines. Well, if having white thighs and dark bronzed legs (mid-thigh down) is "the hippest thing these days," then I've finally found myself in style!!
So, I'm posting a challenge. It's August now... we've all been training outside for months, just soaking up the rays (on non spandex protected skin, of course). Who's got the most outrageous tri-tan? Maybe some of you super-studs will acquire a sunblock sponsor - but, in the least... we'll get to laugh over funny pics.

Here are some photos I found while searching my files for good shots:

This was taken after the "Horribly Hilly Hundred"; an annual ride in Wisconsin. My mom had told me we were meeting some friends (who were training for IM Wisconsin) to do one loop of the course. WRONG.... instead we ended up riding FOREVER, in 100+ temps, up and down the WI hills. I actually came close to divorcing my mom that day.

Jen and I in Boulder, CO for a friend's wedding. I guess triathletes just shouldn't wear backless dresses.


Anonymous said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I almost divorced someone on that HHH ride a few years ago. I vowed I would NEVER do that again unless I was training for an IM. It is sooo hard! And, that pic of us in CO makes me laugh!!! CLASSIC of us to wear those dresses AND forget a hairdryer or blow dry our hair b/c we were SO late for the darn wedding!!! :) Fun times! Jen H.

Sally said...

Love the post Ashley. I'm sitting here with Granny at Rolling Green and we're enjoying the blog from the library. Love the challenge. with Love, Mom and Granny

David said...

I wish you had thrown down this challenge before I started doing some runs with my shirt off to even out my man-bra tan. Mendy laughs at it, as well she should.

One more week before the home-field race! WOO HOO!!

Damie said...

I don't have any good lines. Shoot! I really want some, though!

Mendy said...

That's a funny pic!, but you gals also look very purty too!