Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Team Long Meeting

I'm reporting from our Team Meeting... Team LONG has gathered to prepare for our relay at the Greenville Sprint Triathlon (this Sunday). We've got to lots to strategize here:
Doug Long - swimming
Sally Long - biking
Ashley Long - running

Dad took over the meeting and voiced a goal to break his swim-seed time by :35 (fyi, the swim is a 400 m pool swim), he's asked me to run a PR in the 5K, and somehow he gave my mom 30 min to ride 15 miles... obviously, he's not a cyclist. When I told him Mom probably wouldn't avg 30 mph, he told me that we'd just have to take the time off my run (ok, I'm probably not going to run a 12 min 5K). He'd like for us to break an hour (the pro men didn't go sub 1 hour last year).

Fun numbers our Team leader calculated:
- our team's average age = 46 years
- our team's average weight = 125 lbs
- our team's total weight = 375 lbs
- our team's average height = 5 feet 3.6 inches
- our team's average shoe size = 7

The rest of our meeting minutes are highly sensitive. There are 29 total relay teams, so the competition is out there.
Team LONG -- Bring it ON.
(wow, I think I just wrote our team cheer)


Beth said...

Well what your team lacks in size (you guys are tiny! :), you will surely make up in heart and determination! Good luck Team Long! :)

Anonymous said...

I just love the cheerleader in YOU, Ashley!!! :) Hee hee, good luck on Sunday and HAVE fun! Tell Doug to get his arse moving on that 400m swim!!! go go! Jen H.

sunshine said...

I love that you do races with your parents! That is so awesome!

Good luck Team LONG!

Eric said...

I feel like I fit right into your family! :-) 5'6" 145lbs. 8 shoe! Giddy up! See you Sunday!

Mendy said...

That's too funny! I thought you were fast Ashley... :-) a 12 min 5K, come on Long! hehehe. j/k

Looking forward to seeing Team Long on the podium sunday!! Good luck, girl!