Friday, July 18, 2008

Tri & the City

WooHOO, nothing like a last minute trip! New York City, here I come!
It feels like I've been racing almost every weekend... so, with a weekend off, what's a girl to do?! Travel to watch a triathlon, and cheer others on, of course. Actually, Andrew Starykowicz proposed the idea - and did a fantastic fluff job on the sales end:

Accommodations (with a pool) right next to Central Park [aka dorm style rooms with bunks at the YMCA, communal bathrooms, and yes... access to the Y]; fine dining [that is, if he places in a $ spot... if not, it's McDonald's baby!]; the chance to spend a weekend hanging out with cool triathletes [yes, it's another weekend with tri-geeks - however, Andy Potts is on the participant list... this is promising]; watching the sun rise over Manhattan [only because his wave is going off at 5:50 am... 5:50 in the MORNING people. I have no idea what I'd do if someone told me to dive into the Hudson River at 5:50am?!]; the ability to get my own training in [does this mean lugging Andrew's stuff around the city?... possibly Sunday at 4:00 am? I don't consider this my functional strength routine!]..............

What can I say, as crazy as this all sounds, I'm totally psyched! A quick weekend trip, time in NYC, running in Central Park, the triathlon scene (big expo, triathletes everywhere, pre event jitters), race morning, cheering on all the participants, post race activities.
Then, I was put in charge of Sunday afternoon plans. Well, if I'm getting up at 3:?? am, a 20 min power nap will be part of the schedule. Other ideas: a Yankee's game, Broadway show, dinner (restaurant TBD, see prize money factor above), and there's always shopping (non race expo style)!

Good luck to everyone racing! Have a fantastic weekend.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Have a BLAST Ashley! And lest you be too tempted - do NOT jump into the river. Ick! Have fun, enjoy The City and cheer cheer cheer for our fellow tri friends! YEs - you CAN be a Super Sherpa!

Coffee anyone? ;)

Meredith said...

ewww...there are shopping carts and dead bodies in the Hudson...(much like the Chicago Tri, from what I remember!?!?).....dirty, murky waters..Skip your OW swim practice....Love Central Park....Have fun!!!!!