Saturday, July 12, 2008

toast, I'm here

This could not wait... I've only been in Chattanooga since 9:30 am, and already the stories are piling up.

I left Greenville around 5:30 this morning - and still managed to hit traffic going south on 85. Well that settles that... there is no good time to drive around Atlanta. You are doomed 24-7 on those roads.

About 3 CD's, some radio talk, one gas stop, and many miles later, I pulled up to Leah's house. Classic, she was actually out on the front porch sweeping. No lie. Cute, little miss homemaker. Speaking of homemaker, WOW. I told you her house would look like something out of a decorating magazine. She did not disappoint. I actually might hire her to give my place a makeover... unfortunately, she might make me move the bikes out of my dining room.

Her home is gorgeous, everywhere. My house has nice looking sections. You can obviously tell where I tried to "decorate." But here, in Leah's "magazine quality" rooms, no corner was left overlooked. But, I must mention her collection of University of Georgia items. I might have been the UGA cheerleader, but Leah could be considered one of the most dedicated fans. I've already seen a Georgia: dust buster, grill cover, 3 framed pictures of Sanford Stadium, cupboard full of cups, a serving tray, and a Live English Bulldog.

After catching up with Leah, Bradley, and their pups: Lulu (black pug) and George (the bulldog); I did a quick brick in her neighborhood. Actually, during my ride/run - I did some house shopping. This area is amazing! Then, she went with me to the race site for packet pick up. Here, I continued falling in love with Chattanooga.

We had lunch downtown at a restaurant called Rembrandt's, sat outside eating, and reminiscing. Even though she hadn't read my last entry, she brought up our animal cracker & peanut butter meals.

During this time, Bradley attended a baby shower for a friend of theirs. This baby shower is why I felt the need to get on and post asap. Remember, I am in Tennessee. Leah and I were on the couch when he walked in. As soon as he said most of the guests were "Red" (short for redneck), I knew he had good stories to share.

Other guests at the shower: Jim Bob and Billy Bob (not FName, Middle Name... Jim Bob is the first name). Party menu: pizza & keg beer. Party favors: koozie (bearing the unborn child's name, "A Toast to Emma Grace"). btw, inside the special koozies were personalized plastic solo cups. And the comments reported from the male contingency are not appropriate to write here.

Now we wait for dinner. I'm sitting on the couch with Lulu at my side and George (snoring louder than Sally) under my feet. Looking forward to the race. Leah, knowing my love for all breakfast foods promises brunch at some place called Aretha Frankenstein's - well, after the race - bring on the biscuits.

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