Monday, June 30, 2008

tag, I'll bite

10 years ago I was
Enjoying summer vacation… between my Junior and Senior years in High School! Living with my parents in St. Charles, Illinois. Starting to think about college. Going to cheerleading camp and hanging out with my BFF, Lindsay. (our favorite summer activity was setting a sprinkler up next to my trampoline and jumping through the spray… this could last for hours)

5 years ago I was
Fresh out of college. Using my marketing degree from UGA as a Territory Sales Rep for Rubbermaid. Spent most of my time driving between accounts in Atlanta and Birmingham.

1 year ago I was
Pretty much doing the same thing. Raising money for MDA, having fun training for triathlons, enjoying all Greenville has to offer…

5 things on my to-do list today
Pack for my 4th of July getaway (going to Franklin, NC: family time, and mountain time!)
Watch more swimming on NBC! Love, love, love the Olympic Trials!
Do a few loads of laundry
Call Leah about Chattanooga
Oh, right… stay dialed in at work until 5:00 (darn Holiday weeks are distracting)

5 snacks I enjoy
Ants on a log (celery w/ peanut butter and raisins)
Lara bars (cherry pie)
Soy chai latte
Anything including the following flavor combinations
- mint/chocolate
- chocolate/peanut
- peanut butter/banana
- chocolate/banana

If I were a billionaire I would
Try to donate, aid, fund many things close to my heart (college funds for family members, medical bills for friends, help our MDA office make budget for the year…)
But, on a more fun note… I’d buy an island, build an amazing house, get a plane & pilot (heck, maybe get my pilots license) and bring everyone I know over for Vacation Time!

6 people I want to lunch with tomorrow
Sorry, I really can’t narrow it down… and this blog has a power to make people mad w/out me even knowing. So, for that reason I plead the 5th.

5 places I have lived

Manila, Philippines (where I was born)
Peoria, IL
St. Charles, IL
Athens, GA
Greenville, SC

5 jobs I’ve had
- Sales associate, Champs Sports
- Intern with the American Jr. Golf Association
- Super CDA (cheer & dance association) camp counselor through regional director
- Delnor Heath & Wellness membership coordinator
- MDA Program Coordinator


Meredith said...

Ashley, have fun on your vaca this weekend.....Great list.....I ditto the "combo" foods as well!! Happy Monday to you!

Matt said...

Your version of flys on a log is much cleaner than mine.