Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hUMp dAy

I've been trying to muster up energy to do a double race report; a recount of my Saturday races: Tri the Midlands Sprint and the Candlelight 5K. But, after basically redlining to the brink of "wet my pants status" for 85 minutes in total that day... I've put off trying to remember the details and write about both races.
I do, however, recall seeing stars as I crossed the finish line of that 5K - it was 9:20 pm... but the stars weren't pretty little specks of light twinkling in the night sky, I think the stars were more a sign that I was about to pass out.

Instead, I'd like to thank Matt for an awesome Wednesday morning ride. We celebrated hump day by doing repeats on Greenville's own little hump: Paris Mountain. What a way to kick off the day... up at 5:00 am, setting off in the dark to meet Matt at 6:00 (yes Mom, I did wear the reflective vest you got me), riding into the sunrise via Furman Univ, and up/down Paris for a bit. It was a perfect morning - still, cool, with only the sounds of my heavy breathing and pedals churning.

It's amazing how I can begin a day with such calm and beauty, only to be slammed back to reality after coming off the mountain and joining the downtown traffic. Even still, I'll smile throughout the day as I think back to the morning ride! How awesome it is to have friends that'll get on their bike to join you, even before the sun comes up.

~Thanks again, Matt (hope you made it to that meeting on time)


Anonymous said...

Ashley, I thought of you yesterday (well,, I always think of you....)BUT I wore the RUN IN shirt out running and I love it. Very nice...not too big, ya know? Paris MTN....oh, dreamy! Glad you got those repeats in this am. :) Jen H.

Matt said...

Ash... Barely made it on time. Definitely a way to start the day. Though, it's got me curious why so many bees were eating dead varmint along the way. Great job this morning. We'll have to do it again soon. Just let me know in advance next time so I am not doing that type of ride twice in a span of 8 hours;)

Train-This said...

How weird is that.... I wore my RUN IN shirt yesterday as well! We must have had a HTFU vibe going!

Mendy said...

Sounds like a nice ride you guys had. Again, congrats on the great finish at tri the midland! It was great seeing you.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Okay - its a trend. I too wore my Run In tee shirt JUST the other day. Sweet! Paris Mountain Repeats - WONDERFUL! THAT would be a fun ride. Humbug - I wish I was there... :)